Ascendant Hunter Destiny 2 – Here is how to do the New Weekly Quest : Destiny 2

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Please read all the way to know everything about the new Ascendant Hunter Destiny 2 quest and how to do this new weekly quest.

The new weekly quest has been added to the Destiny 2: Beyond Light update as of 5th January. Suppose you have finished completing your New Light quests. And, you are jumping into the new Beyond Light campaign. This quest is important for you to attain those much-needed weapons cap.

The mission is called Ascendant Hunter, and it is inside the Crow’s storyline. You can complete this mission one time/week on each character.  Here is how to do it:

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Talk to the crow | Ascendant Hunter Destiny 2

Ascendant Hunter Destiny 2 - Here is how to do the New Weekly Quest : Destiny 2

The first task is to find the crow. You will find him in the Spider’s Safehouse in Tangled Shore. This will trigger the mission and pop up the mission screen.

Use Improved Seeker to upgrade the Lure.

As soon as you trigger the mission screen, Crow will be talking to you. He says, “We’re on the verge of the coup de grâce. I’ve tracked the High Celebrant to the Dreaming City, but the Lure will need to be upgraded one last time before we can make our move.”

So the next step is to Upgrade the Lure. Purchase the Improved Seeker II from the crow, and activate it on the Lure to upgrade it.

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Talk to the Spider | Ascendant Hunter Destiny 2

After upgrading the Lure, talk to the Spider, and he should be able to give High Celebrant the location. You can find the Spider next door from Crow. Once he gives you the location, you will see it on the map under the Coup De Grace mission inside Dreaming City.

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Coup De Grace Mission

You can complete this mission solo if your power level is above 1250, but if you are new, then a maximum of 3 players can do the quest together. Once you assassinate the High Celebrant, the cutscene opens, completing the mission. This mission’s reward is a piece of Powerful Gear and a 1% chance at the Fourth Mark.

After the mission, head over to Spider’s Safehouse to complete Ascendent Hunter.

Well, that’s all for this one, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about the Ascendant Hunter Destiny 2. To get more updates on Destiny 2, follow us on Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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