Nintendo Switch Game Not Downloading – Guide To Fix Downloading Issue : Nintendo Switch

Suppose you purchased your favorite Nintendo game on the Nintendo Eshop but the Nintendo Switch Game not downloading and Download paused at 0%. Now you might be worried and thinking why the download stuck. You may even try to re-download it by going to the redownload section but it doesn’t do anything. Well, worry not I will tell you what to do when your Nintendo Switch game not downloading.

Nintendo Switch Game Not Downloading

Nintendo Switch Game Not Downloading - Guide To Fix Downloading Issue : Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s one of the most demanding product of all time, and come with a wide range of game library. As we are living in a digital era where everything is going online. Nintendo has also used online options.

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Like any other Xbox and PlayStation consoles out there, Nintendo Switch comes with its own set of problems. Some of these issues have an easy solution, while others can be a little complicated to fix.

One of the problems is when a game is downloading the download get stuck at zero per cent.

Tips/Guide To Fix the Nintendo Switch Game not Downloading issue

Nintendo Switch Game Not Downloading - Guide To Fix Downloading Issue : Nintendo Switch

The easiest way to fix this problem is by checking the Nintendo Switch whether any download happening somewhere else. The Nintendo Switch has auto-updates games feature like the Google Play Store. That automatically update the games are installed on the system, so a download will likely start in background without players even noticing.

If a game is not downloading or showing 0℅ downloads on the home screen scroll over to the right and select the “All Software” option. Search if there’s an update bar on any of the games. If you find a game with update bar, press the plus (+) button and it’ll open the menu for that particular game, with an option to cancel or pause the update. By pausing it, the system will then concentrate on the next download.


Even after pausing or cancelling the other updates doesn’t resume the download, there are still a few more options to try. First, try to switch off the Nintendo Switch by pressing the power button for 10-12 seconds. After that disconnect it from Wi-Fi and then reconnect again. If all else fails, try reinstalling the game later as it might be happening because of server overload.

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