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We’re here to share our top favourite cars from the video game “Need for Speed:Heat” keeping in view one factor alone i.e. speed. Scroll ahead to read details about Fastest Cars in Need For Speed Heat.

With its variant choice of car models, gamers are sure to get indecisive about selection. Have you been constantly wondering which car model to buy in order to gain massive rewards and challenges. We sure have gone through the same struggle so we’ve compiled a list of top fastest cars of NFS:Heat.

Fastest Cars in Need For Speed Heat

You can easily avail these cars through Car dealership, blueprints from crates or by winning specific events. Players keep on unlocking the car series upon progressing through games rep levels. Once unlocked, users can buy the car models, performance parts etc. let’s get going with our list of top-speed cars-


First on list we have, KOENIGSEGG REGERA, an electric hybrid car which is developed and manufactured by Koenigsegg. This magnificently luxurious car is mid-engined, rear-wheel driven with the highest speed of 410kmph. It is powered by a blend of 5L twin-turbocharged V8 engine and 3 Electric Motors. Generating horsepower of 1489bhp, it accelerates from 0 to 60mph in just 2.8 seconds. It is one of The Best and The Fastest Car of the Need For Speed Heat leaving all of the cars notwithstanding. This car can be availed for 1,227,500$ after Rep Level 50.

Fastest Cars in Need For Speed Heat

McLaren P1 GTR – ‘15

A sensational McLaren product, promising elite speed, power, functioning and experience. McLaren P1 GTR is a single electric motor hybrid sports car with thrilling performance on road as well as track. It contains 3.8L Twin-turbocharged Hybrid V8 which functions 986bhp horsepower and torque of 737lb-ft. Its highest speed stretches to 362kmph. It takes maximum of 2.7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60mph. this model gets unlocked at Rep Level 40 and is priced for 2,120,500$

Fastest Cars in Need For Speed Heat

 Ferrari LaFerrari (F150) – ‘13

Another hybrid hypercar from Ferrari, a name that brags perfection in all its models. Ferrari LaFerrari is simply one of its kind possessing above average horsepower of 949bhp. Its 6.3L Hybrid V12 engine emitting speed of 349kmph is sure to leave you a high ranking player.  You are bound to accelerate to 60mph in a blink of 2.5 seconds. This model is fitted with kinetic energy recovery system (HY-KERS) unit to churn out extra power and torque hence additional exclusive benefits. Users can have this model for 1,104,500$ at Rep Level 40.

Fastest Cars in Need For Speed Heat

NFS Heat: McLaren P1 – ‘14

The next top supercar is McLaren P1, produced by McLaren. Emanating utmost speed of 350kmph, this car is sure to win hearts of racers. P1 is instilled with 3.8L Twin-Turbo Hybrid V8 engine giving off horsepower of 903bhp and 664 lb-ft torque. The car being successor to F1, bequeaths an iconic design. You’re going to accelerate to 60mph in just 2.7 seconds. If you crave for breath-taking quiver, action and momentum, get your hands on this car for 776,500$. To be unlocked after Rep Level 40.

Fastest Cars in Need For Speed Heat

NFS Heat: Aston Martin Vulcan– ‘16

Front engined, high performance track car, manufactured by Aston Martin, Vulcan is simply an exceptional breed. Its 7.0L V12 engine reimburses horsepower of 805bhp. This model of car by Aston Martin presents you speed of 224kmph which might not be perfect but is quite excellent for racing capacity. Vulcan’s design was specifically schemed for facilitating tracking power. It is adapted to score 60mph within 2.9 seconds. It can be easily bought for 1,467,000$ only after it gets unlocked at Rep Level 40.

nfs heat

Gear up players, save up money, either sell your old cars or keep winning cash/gold rewards in night quests of the game. Grab your inevitable car model and flaunt your gaming skills.

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