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    The article brings you the breaking news on Pokemon Glasses by JINS.

    The popular Japanese eyewear brand JINS is releasing a new line of Glasses. Teamed up with The Pokemon Company, they are launching a new line of official Pokemon Glasses! Starting 21st December, you can head over to the JINS Official Website and accessorize yourself in your favorite pokemon’s frame style. The best thing about these glasses is that they are themed in an extremely sleek manner. The glasses look very classy and professional unless somebody takes a closer look at them. The design covers the silhouette and the temple area. So, you can wear them to your office. And satisfy the nerd in you without compromise.
    The company has provided different pokemon-themed options in four models: flagship, Kanto Region, Jhoto Region, and Kids.

    The Flagship Model

    The Flagship Model features four pokemon, Pikachu, Snorlax, Eevee, and Mew. Charged at $140, they are the costliest ones in the selection. You can purchase each themed model in 4 different colors. For instance, the Pikachu model comes in Black-Gold, Brown-Gold, Gold, and Silver Models. Notice the zig-zag frame resembling Pikachu’s tail. The unique feature of the Flagship Model is its retro adjustable nose bridge. They are metallic frames and best suited for indoor offices or lightly lit parties.

    Pokemon Glasses - Gamestanza
    Picture Credits : JINS
    Pokemon Glasses - Gamestanza
    Picture Credits : JINS

    Pokemon: The Kanto Region Model

    Next, they have the Kanto. Kanto Models are priced at $120. Kanto Models are a thicker plastic-body model best suited for more rugged use, such as outdoors. You can have your favorite pokemon embossed on the temple side. The embossed look gives it a very strong contrast, and people sitting across the desk are bound to notice. Also, if you are a fan of retro, then this model also sports the famous 50s styles – Wellington and Boston. There is one very cool thing to notice in Kanto Models. While the three pokemon Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are inside pokeballs, Pikachu remains outside just like the cartoons.

    Picture Credits :
    Pokemon Glasses - Gamestanza
    Picture Credits : JINS

    Pokemon: The Jhoto Region Model

    The Jhoto model sports the widest variety in pokemon. They are featured by their cylindrical temples, at a price of $120. Buyers can choose between Chikorita, Totodile, Ho-oh, Luigia, and Cindaquil. They have the most easily discernible features in terms of sharp colors and silhouette design.

    Pokemon Glasses - Gamestanza
    Picture Credits : JINS
    Pokemon Glasses - Gamestanza
    Picture Credits : JINS

    Pokemon: The Kids Model

    JINS has also launched Smaller frame models to attract kids. Charged at $100. There are 4 variants and 3 types of pokemon themes.

    jins- Gamestanza
    Picture Credits : JINS

    Every frame purchase is coupled with a free cleaning cloth and case. Both in pokemon themes of your respective choice, you can just go for the generic Pokeball boxes and cleaning cloth too. So what are you waiting for?

    Head over to the JINS website right away. 

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