Top 5 Best Multiplayer Games of 2020 – Our Top picks of the Best Multiplayer Games : Games

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Here are our picks for the Top 5 best Multiplayer Games of 2020. Read this article till the end to know all the top 5 best multiplayer games of 2020.

The pandemic brought with it many woes, but the gaming community thrived. More and more people came. Here are some of the games which in our opinion, really brought people together in 2020.

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Among Us | Top 5 Best Multiplayer Games of 2020

Top 5 Best Multiplayer Games of 2020 - Our Top picks of the Best Multiplayer Games : Games
Credits: Sportskeeda

Credits: Sportskeeda

Although the game initially rolled out in 2018, it quickly rose to popularity in the early half of 2020. It became the perfect platform for people to socialize. The game can be run on any device, which made it even easier to generate fans. The keenest factor is its sociological and psychological involvement with a simple premise and a small run time. This game surely makes our list.

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Top 5 Best Multiplayer Games of 2020 - Our Top picks of the Best Multiplayer Games : Games

The latest in the long line of Call of Duty franchise is CoD Warzone. The game launched in 2019 and quickly rose to popularity. However, what really did wonders for the game was its battle royale format. Released in March 2020, it has brought the entire Call of Duty content to a humongous multiplayer crowd. If you haven’t yet given the game a try, and are looking for a change from your usual PUBG maps, make sure to head on over.

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Valorant | Top 5 Best Multiplayer Games of 2020

Top 5 Best Multiplayer Games of 2020 - Our Top picks of the Best Multiplayer Games : Games
Credits: Standford Daily

The common conception of what an FPS game with guns is supposed to be is quickly aging. Professional players from the likes of CSGO and Overwatch have been consistently flocking over to Valorant for the past couple of years due to its more dynamic gameplay, skill system, and just overall appeal. The game is very quickly killing the mundaneness of your average FPS games. The popular streamer and former CSGO pro from Cloud 9, Shroud, even on his stream, said that he likes Valorant more than CSGO and hopes to watch it develop into a more robust competitive game.

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Star Wars: Squadron

Star Wars: Squadron

The Star Wars franchise’s latest game has taken a flight both literally and figuratively in the last year. If flight simulators have been your thing, then Star Wars gives you a unique amalgam of First Person Shooter and Flight Simulator in one. Suppose you are a star wars fan who has always wanted to fly one of those deadly X-wings or infamous tie-fighters with those familiar sound effects we all loved to grow up with. Then this game will surely hit the mark. It’s a total nostalgia trip, coupled with the fun of playing with your friends.

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Fall Guys | Top 5 Best Multiplayer Games of 2020

Fall Guys - Gamestanza

The game is a unique combination of skill and luck. Suppose all you desire is to chill with your friends without an FPS game’s intense competitiveness. Then this game is made for you. It’s a wipeout-style game. People need to clear obstacles as teams to survive to the end. The game can be hilarious due to its insanely clumsy characters and light-hearted vibe.

It’s the perfect platform to flock together with your friends. The game has been garnering more and more players worldwide, and the developers have quickly risen to the rising demand.

Let us know your top picks of 2020 that brought in serendipitous moments in a gloomy pandemic. Well, this is it about the Top 5 Best Multiplayer Games of 2020. To know more about such amazing games and all about it, follow us on Game Stanza.

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