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Here is an article about Snowman Outposts locations Fortnite. Take a look at the details and enjoy a next level gameplay.

About Snowman Outposts

Fortnite is a world-famous online video game by Epic Games developer, whose gameplay is based on the survival genre. This game is always updated with new events and scenes which is a smart strategy for keeping the players attached to the game. Operation Snowdown is the latest winter update event that comes with various challenges and, the players will be rewarded on completing them.

There are two quests which require the player to deal with Snowmando outposts. The first challenge is to visit all the outposts and the second is to open five chests over there. Both the objectives are quite easy to accomplish since only 5 outposts are present. But, they can be found only in some specific parts of the snow-covered maps. These locations are detailed below.

Snowman outposts locations Fortnite

As stated earlier, there are only 5 places in the whole map, where the player can find these outposts. Spotting one can be tricky because it often leads to confusion with the similar-looking Fortnite mountain base camps. So, before you start you must know that you are looking for a camouflage red colour painted, bunker type building.

  1. Pleasant Park: There is one outpost located in the west region of this arena.
  2. Holly Hedges: You can find a snowman outpost that falls at the west of Durr Burger, but mostly in the southern region of Holly Hedges.
  3. Slurry Swamp: Yet another outpost is at a tricky spot that falls south to Weeping Woods and northeast to Slurry Swamp.
  4. Catty Corner: You will be seeing an outpost near the Weather Station, in the southern mountains of Catty Corner.
  5. Steamy Stacks: The last Snowman outpost is in the southeast coastal line in Steamy Stacks.

A simple strategy to get through the quest and visit all the spots is to land near the outpost in Holly Hedge. Then you can go through the Slurry Swamp, Catty Corner, Steamy Stacks and finally the Pleasant Park outpost. This order is suggested for quickly visiting all the outposts at a single go. Keep a watch out for the outpost that would be hit by storm and then decide your order of visit as it is better to be safe.

Snowmando skin and Frost Squad skin are the rewards that you will obtain on finishing the quest. Be the first to obtain the rewards but, stay alert whenever you are about to reach an outpost as many other players will also be paying visits.

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