World of warcraft Classic Burning Crusade Releasing in 2021 – Release date and updates : World of Warcraft

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For all those fans of Wow Burning Crusade who are eagerly waiting for the next update patch. The Wow Classic Burning Crusade. Here’s a good news for all of you. We have an estimated release date for the game. This new game is an expansion for the Wow Burning Crusade that was released in Jan 2007. The game was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and will be a part of the Warcraft series. Its 2007 release sold 2.4 million copies on the release date making it the fastest selling game PC game at that time.

World of warcraft Release Date

World of warcraft Classic Burning Crusade Releasing in 2021 - Release date and updates : World of Warcraft

Although there is still no official release date provide from the game. Initially the leaks indicated that the game has yet 6 months to release. But now the new leaks claim that it is going to be released on 4th May 2020. This leak was covered by World of Warcraft streamer and a you tuber ‘Staysafe’. He claims that multiple recourses have claimed that this date will be the official release date of the game. The leaks have also mentioned that a 2.0 pre-patch is up for release in April 2021. But, it doesn’t seem that Blizzard Entertainment will be releasing any patches at this point of time for the game. It’s more likely that this rumoured pre patch will include the talents and spells introduced with the patch 2.4.3 along with Burning Crusade races and Level 60 Arena content.

Also, there are hearsays that Bizzard will be announcing the the Classic TBC realm in BlizzConline on Feb 19th or 20th. Of course these are just rumours that we have heard but they match the words of the former Nostalrius core member, Nano. Neverthless there is still a fair chance of the release date being altered.

Game Content

In the Phase 6 of the World of Warfare: Classic, players can test their strength in the Naxxramas raid. In the raid gamers have to set a team of 40 players and prepare for a clash between the living and the Undead. For this, players will need different armour sets that will give them advantage in the battle.

Naxxramas is probably the most anticipated part of the game. He also marks the end of the game content announced for the phase 6 of the game. The Wow: Classic is declared and marketed as the the “faithful Remake” for the original game. Bizzard has kept his word and there are not much changes in the Phase 6 of the game. Even this information is based on some leaks so there may be some changes in the game.

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