Supergiant Developer Shares Voice Over Stats – Character reveal and updates : Hades

Couldn’t get to know the characters and updates of Hades? Here is an article – “Supergiant Developer Shares Voice Over stats – Character reveals and updates.” It features all the details that one must know about this game.

Supergiants and Hades

Supergiant Developer Shares Voice Over Stats - Character reveal and updates : Hades

Supergiant Games are prominent American game developers. This private company originates from San Fransico, California. It has released quite fascinating games like Hades, Pyre, Transistor, and Bastion.

Hades is a unique video game whose release dates back to the 6th of December, 2018. It is an epicenter topic because its release in Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS occurred recently in 2020, September 17. The gameplay is designed for a rogue action that involves the player as a dungeon crawler. The character has to go through various levels and beat the God of death in the mythological Greek underworld.

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Supergiant Developer Shares Voice Over Stats | Hades

Such a unique and thrilling game comprise of 30 fully voiced characters. The whole game consists of 21,020 voice lines and 3,05,433 counts of words. Zagreus is the player’s character, and it has 8,500 voice lines whereas, Lord Hades has got around 1600 of them. These two characters have the highest voice lines, while Tisiphone and Charon have the least- 190 and 120 voice lines.

With so many characters available in the game, there are quite many people involved in the voice over business.

The story narrator and main character- Lord Hades, have their voice-overs given by Logan Cunningham. Marianne Miller has voiced Athena’s character, whereas Peter Canavese has spoken Zeus and Chaos’s lines. Darren Kord speaks on behalf of the player’s character Zagreus while Jamie Landrum does the same for Nyx. Please take a look at the above video for all the characters and their voice-over artists.

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Supergiant Developer Shares Voice Over Stats | Updates

The latest update of the game dates back to December 1st, 2020. Though the patch note states minor fixes and improvements, one can observe closely to notice few technical in-game changes. The character’s abilities are increased, and character interactions have an improved status. Upgrades are made on the overall character potential, and the background scenes are enhanced. Betterment in VFX and SFX, along with accurate bug fixes, adds to the better gameplay experience.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Supergiant Developer Shares Voice Over Stats. To get more such updates on Hades and other games like this, follow Game Stanza.

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