Call of Duty Mobile Season 14 Release Date – Find all about the next season’s rewards, leaks and sneak peaks.

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Read all the way through to know all about the Call of Duty Mobile Season 14 Release Date.

After the mobile FPS revolution brought on by PUBGM, the Call of Duty franchise quickly jumped into the fray. Consistently the game has climbed into a comfortable spot over the last 2 years and garnered a loyal fanbase.

The game consistently updates its bugs and provides new game content to keep its audience hooked in the format of a Seasons System. Each season comes with an opportunity to purchase a battlepass. Once purchased the product lasts throughout the season and allows you to grab a multitude of rewards. A season usually lasts for about 3 months give or take.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 14 Release Date

Call of Duty Mobile Season 14 Release Date : Find all about the next season's rewards, leaks and sneak peaks.

Season 14 reportedly will kick off on 27/1/2021. It is the expected date as per the countdown mentioned in the Battlepass section if all goes well. An official date is yet to be announced by the developers at Activision. The battlepass will sport new skins. Reportedly the Ghost Skin, from Chinese Beta servers will be made available to all who played.

New Maps

Call of Duty Mobile Season 14 Release Date : Find all about the next season's rewards, leaks and sneak peaks.

Along with other goodies, players can expect a new map to release along with the new year as well. One of the very popular maps Oasis that is included in the Chinese servers might be released globally, as speculated by many Youtubers and content creators. However, another news of the well-favored Map sneaked in Season 13 called Rebirth Islands is also doing rounds. So far nothing has been said officially. Usually after every two seasons Test versions of new game content are released by Activision. Season 14, being the even number and also the fact that no new maps came in Season 13. players are highly expecting one of the two maps to be released in this one.

With the new year, we are expecting Activision to start dropping teasers about Season 14.

Stay tuned to Game Stanza for the latest reports.

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