Genesect Pokemon Go – All “must knows” : Pokemon Go

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This article enlists all the facts and descriptions of Genesect Pokemon Go. Go through the full article for further details and information.

About Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an AR (augmented reality) based mobile game developed and published on 6th July 2016 by Niantic- the pokemon company. This game requires the player to move along in real-world locations and see the pokemon avatars through their mobile. They can then catch these creatures in Poke balls and trade or train them for battles in the in-game training rooms.

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Genesect Pokemon Go

Genesect is one of these pokemon creatures that has got many common features with Mewtwo. According to the game’s plot, its existence dates back to 300 million years ago. The ‘team Plasma’ gave a cannon attachment at its back and these alterations made it a bug and steel pokemon.

Genesect Pokemon go- All "must knows" : Pokemon Go

There are five evolutions of genesect, namely- Normal, Douse, Shock, Burn, and Chill. All these five versions have similar appearance with slight variations. Like any other pokemon, Genesect has its own set of moves, fighting skills, and weaknesses. Since this creature’s chill form is the best version of itself, its details will be elaborated.

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Skill Set of Genesect Pokemon Go

It can display various types of fighting moves depending on the need and requirement, but the player executes the move through pokemon. Magnet Bomb, Ice Beam, and X-Scissors are a few of its main moves, while its quick moves are Fury Cutter and Metal Claw. Metal Claw and Magnet Bomb are the best moves among these highlighting action sets because they have the highest DPS. Both the moves can be implemented for offense and defense, and it will provide high-level damage to the opponent in both cases.

Genesect is resistant to several obstacles such as Dragon, Ice, Psychic, Normal, Bug, Steel, Fairy, Grass, and Poison.  Its only weakness is Fire, due to which it gets vulnerable to 256% damage when exposed to fire.

Genesect Pokemon go- All "must knows" : Pokemon Go

According to the base stats, it comprises a high Combat Power, which results in higher stamina figures. Reshiram, Chandelure, Darmanitan (Standard), Volcarona, and Blaziken are few pokemon with which you can beat down your opponent player while he or she is using Genesects. In case you see any of the former creatures as your opponent, you can take a chance with any other fire pokemon but not Genesect.

It began its career in this game through the paid game events such as A Drive to Investigate and Research Task, but now, it will be seen often. It’s since Genesects will be taken as a part of the Pokemon raid roster pretty soon.

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