Deerling Pokemon Go : A Full Guide of Deerling – Pokemon GO.

Deerling is a complete dream in herself. And to know all about her, this is the place. To know all about the cute pokemon from the very much amazing  Deerling Pokemon Go game Pokemon Game. To the right place, you have come. We have majority of the inf0rmation about it’s abilities and super powers which you can use in the battle arena. But before that, you can check out our website for more pokemon go character abilities and guide on how to use them!

Deerling Pokemon Go Details:

deerling pokemon go - Gamestanza

These cute pokemon go through color changes that depend on the seasons and the temperature and humidity as well. The turning of the seasons changes the color and scent of this Pokémon’s fur. Many users of the game use this to keep a track of the seasons of the game. It is a normal and Grass-type pokemon with a max CP of 1283, attack 115, defence 100, and stamina 155 in Pokemon go. In Generation V, it was found in the Unova region. Deerling is weak to bug, fighting, fire, flying, ice, and poison type moves. You can boost Deerling by partly cloud and sunny weather. It’s best moves are Tackle and Seed Bomb (7.91 DPS).

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Further Details:

  • Catch chance:  30%

  • chance to escape: 10%

  • Rarity: normal Pokémon

  • Catch candies: 3

  • Catch stardust: 100

 All the forms of Deerling Pokemon Go:

Credits: IGN


Credits: IGN

The best Moves of the Deerling Pokemon Go:

deerling pokemon go - Gamestanza

  • Instant attacks:  Tackle and Body check.
  • Charge attacks: Seed Bomb, Power surge.


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Deerling Pokemon Go Sprites

There are different sprites for Deerling, shiny, normal, and event-specific sprites. It may include unreleased versions and different genders of the pokemon.

Deerling Pokemon Go - Gamestanza Deerling Pokemon Go - Gamestanza Deerling Pokemon Go - Gamestanza Deerling Pokemon Go - Gamestanza


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