Dartiri Pokémon Go – A full guide to Dartiri : Pokémon GO.

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Dartiri Pokémon Go Details:

Dharitri is a NORMAL and FLIGHT type pokemon that has existed since the sixth generation of the pokemon game. As a basic Pokémon, it is the first Evolution stage of Dartiginis, and it finally evolves to Figaro. They are cute little bird-like-looking pokemon, which can be related to Robin(Real-life bird), with the upper part of their body being in red color and the lower/back part Grey. Its beak represents that of a Pigeon.

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Pokedex Entry:

A very trusting Pokémon. It sends signals to its companions by chirping and moving its tail feathers.

Further Details:

  • Catch chance: 20%
  • Chance to escape:10%
  • Rarity: Normal Pokemon
  • Catch candies:3
  • Catch stardust: 100

More Details

Dartiri Pokémon Go: Evolution

  1. Dartiri:

Dartiri Pokémon Go - A full guide to Dartiri : Pokémon GO.


2. Dartiginis:

Dartiri Pokémon Go - A full guide to Dartiri : Pokémon GO.

3. Figaro:

Dartiri Pokémon Go - A full guide to Dartiri : Pokémon GO.

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Best Movesets of Dartiri Pokémon Go:

  • This Pokémon gives 1.2 times more damage compared to a “normal” specimen.
  •  The SPS value Determines the average value given by the pokemon.
  • The above changes will evolve the current pokemon to Crypto-Pokémon which is very useful for arenas and raids.  But this is a negative point in trainer battles.

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