Igamaro Pokemon Go – A full guide to Igamaro: Pokémon GO.

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A new character in the Kalos event, Igamaro Pokemon go, has been in the attention of every other pokemon go fan. With its amazing ability, anyone could get a hinge of it! Here’s all you need to know about Igamora Pokemon go.

About Igamaro Pokemon Go

[Colors! 3D] Chespin - Marisson - Igamaro by NekoAmine on DeviantArt
Credit: NekoAmine on DeviantArt
Igamaro, a plant type pokemon that almost replicates like a hedgehog, runs on two legs. These cute looking pokemon have a white claw at the end of its leg while their hands have nothing but soft paws. They have darkly buttoned eyes and a tiny red nose, and rodent-like incisors.

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Pokédex entry:

Chespin HD Wallpapers
Credit: Wallpaper Cave

If it concentrates its strength, the rather soft spikes on its head become robust enough to smash stones with them.

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Igamaro fight with Evoli. Look at the ability used.

Further details:

  • Catch chance: 20%
  • Chance to escape: 10%
  • Rarity: normal Pokémon
  • Catch candies: 3
  • Stardust: 100

Igamaro Development series:

The pokemon Igamaro evolves according to the candies offered to the pokemon.

  • First Stage: Igamaro
Igamaro – PokéDexia
Credit: PokéDexia
  • Second Stage: After 25 candies, it evolves to IGASTARNISH.
Igastarnish – PokéWiki
Credit: PokéWiki
  • Third Stage: After 100 candies, it evolves to BRIGARON.
Credits: Pokémon Database


The best movesets

igamaro hashtag on Twitter

Determining individual perfect movesets for a Pokémon is no longer easily possible in Pokémon GO. Since the introduction of trainer battles with their own attack values ​​and a second charge attack, one has to determine the strength of movesets for the respective application.

  • The SPS value is always calculated as a comparison value for the Movesets.
  •  It determines the average damage that the moveset can do in one second.
  • Crypto Pokémon inflict 1.2 times the damage compared to a “normal” specimen.
  • On the other hand, their defense is lower by the same factor.
  • This change makes Crypto-Pokémon very useful for attacks on arenas and in raids, but this bonus is less useful in trainer battles.


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