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    Whether it’s millions of fans listening to a sporting game or a few friends watching you play on the couch, gaming has always drawn some audience. Certain games, like those you’ll find on this page, are recent and popular. Others have been around for years, keeping track of them. They differ in price, content, and art types, and more often than not. You’ll find something new that you can bring to a future meeting or Twitch stream.

    Best Games to Stream on Twitch

    1. Among Us | Best Games to Stream on Twitch

    Best Games to Stream on Twitch - Top 7 Games to Stream on Twitch : Twitch

    The premise is that parasitic shapeshifters known as Impostors have infiltrated your spaceship, posing as Crewmates, in an attempt to take everyone out before you reach your destination. You play as either an Impostor, trying to kill the entire crew undetected, or as a Crewmate, completing your tasks and trying to vote out the Impostors before it’s too late.

    This game is free on mobile and inexpensive on Steam, so it’s accessible for everyone. What’s appealing about this game is that it appears simple on the exterior. But in reality, it involves quite a bit of strategy. Among Us currently has one of the biggest audiences on Twitch.

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    1. Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Best Games to Stream on Twitch - Top 7 Games to Stream on Twitch : Twitch

    Pokemon has always drawn a wide following. Ever since the early days of your Game Boy out on recess to play Pokemon Red or Blue with your buddies standing over your shoulder. The newest games, Sword and Shield, are just as enjoyable to watch now that there are so many pokemon to capture, areas to visit, and game modes to be part of.

    The DLC sets, The Isle of Armor, released in June, and The Crown Tundra, released in late October, have kept the recent Pokemon games important to the streaming world. These expansion passes bring new tales to discover, Pokemon, and Wilderness. Even new and returning Legendaries are appearing in these DLC sets.

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    1. Phasmophobia | Best Games to Stream on Twitch

    Best Games to Stream on Twitch - Top 7 Games to Stream on Twitch : Twitch

    This Co-op Psychic Horror game is a recent release that has earned much of the following for its innovative approach to the classic genre. You play with a squad of ghost hunters who have to confirm the supernatural’s reality before they can send a ghost removal team. To do this, you’ll use a range of ghost hunting tools, teamwork, and as much bravery as you can muster to document your facts.

    The degree of horror and how immersive the atmosphere is makes this game perfect for an audience. Sounds and graphics are pretty realistic, and ghosts can be very volatile as they alter every game. There is also a VR feature if you have the appropriate setup, which brings much more horror to the player and hilarity to the crowd.

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    1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Best Games to Stream on Twitch - Top 7 Games to Stream on Twitch : Twitch

    Along with the Nintendo Switch in March 2017, Breath of the Wild was launched and took people’s breath away. With how beautiful and diverse this open-world adventure game looked and played. With so many to do and so many places to visit, people are already enjoying it and watching it, arguably one of the best Zelda games ever made, to continue to demonstrate affection.

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will remain true for years to come, with the introduction of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, which poses as a prequel to Breath of the Wild, as well as rumors about when the sequel to BOTW will be published, so there will still be an audience for it.

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    1. Hades | Best Games to Stream on Twitch

    Hades - Gamestanza

    This latest release is one of the top rating indie games on Twitch. It is gaining quite a bit of interest. You act in this title influenced by Greek mythology as Zagreus, the son of Hades, who dreams of seeing his family in Olympus. But is coerced by his father to remain in the Underworld.

    Using guns, trinkets, and blessings from his extended family to hack and slice his way out of his father’s realm, Zagreus chooses to abandon home and leave the Underworld. Since it is relatively fresh and wonderfully drawn, fans will love playing this game as a casual replay. Watching more advanced players seeks to speed up or play the game with extra obstacles from the Pact of Retribution.

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    1. Valorant

    Valorant - Gamestanza

    After its debut, this team-based, tactical first-person shooter from Riot Games has attracted quite the following. Participants, known as Agents, play as professional warriors from the future who come from all parts of the world and possess special talents and fashion choices. Agents work in teams of five and compete for many rounds as either the defending or attacking team.

    Valorant was launched in June 2020 and became a common title instantly, attracting focus away from fans of related games. It is free-to-play as well. Making it friendly for potential players who want a game that they can quickly break into.

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    1. League of Legends

    League of Legends - Gamestanza

    League of Legends is an online multiplayer fighting arena video game that in 2009 took the world by surprise and did not let up. Created by Riot Games, it is considered by many to be the best export in the world. The League World Championship hit a peak audience of 3.8 million people this year.

    For several years, the League has been high and is almost still in the top 10 for Twitch streams, regardless of the day. With the sophisticated lore, exclusive champions, and frequent changes to the game, it’s no wonder. League is the obvious choice for players that want to draw a broad and faithful audience. Few people stream League of Legends exclusively only and can make money off it. But they had to grind to get there, so it’s only for the game’s extreme ones.

    So, there you have it, guys. These were the Best Games to Stream on Twitch. To get more updates like this, follow our website here.

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