Donkey Kong 1994 Video Game – Revisit To A Classic Game : Donkey Kong

    Donkey Kong is a video game, which released in 1994. Nintendo developed it. Donkey Kong 1994 Video Game is partly based on the 1981 video game(which was also of the same name), followed by Donkey Kong Jr.

    The player has to play as Mario. His mission is to rescue Pauline from the clutches of Donkey Kong. The surprise factor of the game is that Donkey Kong Jr. also makes a cameo on some stages to help his father, Donkey Kong.


    Donkey Kong 1994 Video Game - Revisit To A Classic Game : Donkey Kong
    Credits: VentureBeat

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    Donkey Kong 1994 Video Game : Gameplay:

    The game starts with four levels, just like the original Donkey Kong game. In here, Mario has to reach the top level. Only then can he save Paulina.

    After finish all 4 stages, the typical arcade game will begin. Donkey Kong again revives( following some notes from the “victory theme”). He captures Pauline again and leaves with her, with Mario giving chase. After this, the player gets additional 97 stages, which is not limited to just one world, but a total of 9 worlds. Maria has to fight Donkey Kong, who is now much larger, and a mutated version in the final stage.

    In the upcoming levels, the player has to guide Mario to find a key by completing each level. He has to pick it up and put it elsewhere on the stage to a locked door. Every level of the fourth is “battle level.” In here, the players either have to try to hit Pauline. Just like the original stages or to overthrow Donkey Kong with his own barrels. Extra lives can be earned through mini-games, unlocked by collecting in each level three special items, or after each package based on the total unused time.

    Anytime, Mario can flip on his hands, enabling him to take dropped barrels. He can also jump higher by rotating his jumps or by jumping in the direction that shifts.

    Donkey Kong 1994 Video Game - Revisit To A Classic Game : Donkey Kong
    Credit: USgamer

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    Reviews about the game

    GameRankings gave 85% to Donkey Kong. This game was rated as 8.25 out of 10 by EGM. While Nintendo Life rated it 9/10.

    In short, Donkey Kong received an overwhelming response and positive reviews. It was also awarded as the Best Game Boy Game of 1994.

    So, that was our visit to the Classic Donkey Kong Game. If you haven’t played it yet, do give it a try. To know more about the game, visit their official website, and follow Game Stanza to get regular updates on Donkey King 1994.

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