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About Destiny 2

Free-to-play, online-only, first-person multiplayer shooter video game DESTINY 2 is unlike any video game before. A true masterpiece (the reviews are calling it, not just me), with the music and the amazing amount of lore behind every enemy and friendly vendors, with content such marvelous, for hundreds of hours, they’ll have you hooked (yes, hundreds).

Have you played it yet? Yes? But do you know what weaponry you have sleeping on in this game? The RAT KING!

Now, What Exactly is the Destiny 2: The Rat King(Exotic Catalyst)? 

The Rat King is one of the exotic Destiny 2 Side Arms and is unlocked by following the steps of the Rat King’s Crew’s exotic search. It’s kind of a mystery, but the Rat King is the highest level and maybe the best kinetic PVE weapon ever. You feel invincible with a shot, and any time you reload after a shot, invisibility and health regenerate. It is a very effective combo to have Rat King fitted with a longer-range pulse or scout, and you’ll never run out since it uses primary ammunition.


Rat King- Exotic Kinetic Sidearm

LORE Behind The Rat King

The tales are spread from child to child, whispered like any good legend on the streets and the playground.”Don’t ever venture beyond the wall and sight of the Tower, “Don’t ever venture beyond the wall and see the Tower.” Via exposure. Starvation. Infirmity. Just cutthroats. Nightmares Life. And on. On, on. And on. On, on. The kids, however, have their reality. To them, the kid never died. They name him King the Rat. The children imagine that he is leading the forgotten out of the city on great adventures. They say the world was saved by him and his misfit army. But there are several things that children tell, and the Vanguard retains its official position: there is no Rat King, and his army never existed. That’s what the elders trust. I have decided to believe otherwise.

How to Obtain The Rat King?

You’ll need to handle some simple requirements before you begin your search to get the Rat King exotic sidearm in Destiny 2. You will unlock the starting quest for the Rat King and its subsequent quests from there.

· Complete the main story and rank up to level 20 – the Enemy of my Enemy quest on Titan is unlocked.

· You’ll obtain an object called the “Rat King’s Crew” in one of your Kinetic Weapon slots once you complete it. To continue the quest, with another player who also has the “Rat Kings Crew” piece, you will need to perform the remaining steps.

· The overview of the Rat King’s Crew item includes a variety of rhymes and riddles that enable players to team up with other guardians who also have the Rat’s Quest Object for King Crew (granted, you have all available quests on Titan completed). Together with your partner, complete three Patrol Missions, two Public Events, two Crucible matches, and with five minutes left on the clock, you must complete the Nightfall strike.

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How Cool is Destiny 2: The Rat King?

Rat king also has perks such as Rat Pack ( A full auto burn. The nearby Rat Kings are gaining momentum), Smallbore, Tactical Mag, Vermin, and Smooth Grip.

How Cool Is the Rat King?

Overall, the Rat King is great for nightfalls, forges, reckoning, general dicking around. Also, because you can constantly be invisible, you can play the role of a medic. Rat kings will do a lot of harm with coordination, so it’s perfect in its niche. Using Rat King, in general, will make you feel like an invincible killing machine.

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