Ghost of Tsushima – The most brutal game of 2020 : Ghost of Tsushima

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The following article brings the breaking news on Ghost of Tsushima – The most brutal game of 2020.

2020 brought us a boatload of new video games, from the famous action-adventure series Last of Us 2 to open-world golds like Cyberpunk 2077. We saw it all. One game that stood out and is possibly the most underrated is Ghost of Tsushima. We have all grown up with fancy movies on feudal japan. Movies like Tome Cruise’s The Last Samurai. And, for a long time, we have yearned to live like a samurai too. Ghost of Tsushima brings us exactly that. An open-world game where one can live life like a samurai defending Japan from Mongol attackers. It is set in 1274 AD, during the Mongol invasion of the Tsushima Islands.

Recently gamers around the world took a poll on Inverse. Where they were asked to choose the toughest decisions they had to take in a game. An overwhelming majority chose the moment of “kill or spare” in Ghost of Tsushima. Read all about the moment here below. [Spoilers Ahead]

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Story Line

Ghost of Tsushima’s game follows our protagonist Jin Sakai as a fleet of Mongol attackers overrun the Tsushima Islands. In an opening conflict, Jin gets injured while his uncle is captured.  Eventually, Jin fights through weaker Mongol camps. Honing his skill. In the final scene, he goes on to kill the Mongol leader Khan. However, his uncle is not pleased.

Ghost of Tsushima - The most brutal game of 2020 : Ghost of Tsushima

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Ghost of Tsushima: Honor vs. Deceit

One of the key aspects of the game, Ghost of Tsushima, is its representation of the samurai code of ethics. The game offers two choices, either challenge a Mongol camp head-on or sneak into the camp to slay your enemies. It gives you a sincere glimpse into the inner battle that our protagonist is fighting every day. It is considered dishonorable to kill an unaware enemy as per the samurai code. At the very end of the game, Jin comes face to face with his uncle Lord Shimura.

Due to Jin’s deceitful ways, Shogun has declared him a  traitor. Lord Shimura takes it upon himself as a punishment to end jin’s life. “You have no honor,” Lord Shimura tells Jin. To which, Jin replies, “And you’re a slave to it.”  This moment sets the precedence for the duel. At the very end, after Jin wins the duel, comes the truly heart-wrenching moment. Lord Shimura asks for a warrior’s death. This has been considered the toughest moment.

Ghost of Tsushima - The most brutal game of 2020 : Ghost of Tsushima

It isn’t a simple binary choice like your usual games. By sparing him, you give him a life of humiliation, and by taking his life, well, you lose the sense of morality. Should you honor the Samurai Code, or should you get on with the modern times? What would you do in his shoes? Tell us in the comments.

Well, there you have it, guys. This is all the information on the Ghost of Tsushima. If you wish to buy this game for PlayStation 4, you can do so by clicking here.

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