Destiny 2 Live Event – When is the Live Event? : Destiny 2

There have been so many rumors and queries regarding the live event of Destiny 2. Well, read this article till the end about Destiny 2 Live Event to know it all.

After Fortnite season 10 in October 2019, an explosive incident devastated the entire world of the game. Destiny has always thrived on preserving internal logic between how and when things happen in the game. Player Guardians will die and be reborn an infinite amount of times because they are blessed with the Light force of the long-sleeved Traveller, a massive moon-sized alien orb that sacrificed itself to save the World centuries before the events of the game. Since the first Destiny was published in September 2014, the Traveler has drifted inert and damaged over the Last City on Earth, but it woke up on Monday night.

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About Destiny 2

For anybody, even indirectly, involved in Destiny’s company, this is a massive and influential chance. Game Director Luke Smith teased a “small event” that would happen on Monday night, and while it was humble compared to a black hole that swallowed all of humanity, it was one of the most potent things ever to happen in Destiny. The Traveler’s sections glowed like a techno-organic orb of strangeness, and Light appeared to be restoring itself.

Destiny 2 Live Event - When is the Live Event? : Destiny 2

Related to how Epic Games “vault” weapons and other objects are used to rehabilitate them over time, Bungie uses the same path to whole areas and events. This is just what Destiny 2 has to do. The idea that this big plot twist is also being made for narrative purposes feels like a stroke of genius. Destiny’s monolithic lore might take up all the pages, but the June 2020 quote from General Manager Mark Noseworthy in the Beyond Light trailer summarises it nicely.

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Where is the Destiny 2 Live Event?

The Guardians are about to “discover the true existence of the Light and the Shadow… Not just can you walk the fine line between». Guardians get their powers from their Spirits; tiny robots imbued with a fraction of the Traveler’s Light. Yet, the actual existence of the Traveller remained a mystery. Although it has always been the real and symbolic beacon of Light in this world, we know far less about the mysterious Darkness that permeates the universe and drives some of the nastiest creatures in life.

Destiny 2 Live Event - When is the Live Event? : Destiny 2

If the Traveler powers up in some way, the Gloom will come up in equal proportion. By the time someone has any time to evaluate or scrutinize, Fortnite is already driving you into the next big thing. Before the “End” incident that shattered Fortnite’s world, time was disrupted by a sequence of events stretching as far back as the franchise’s early seasons. And amid the fierce royal war, Fortnite is a non-consistent world with zero repercussions.

And it seems like Destiny’s world just woke up.

Well, there you have it, guys. This is all the information about the Destiny 2 Live Event. Visit their official website Bungie to get more information on this Live Event and many upcoming events and updates.

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