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    Genshin Impact Version 1.2

    Genshin Impact' update 1.2 release date, leaks, and 2021 roadmap, detailed

    Genshin Impact Version 1.2 will launch the “Chalk Prince and the Dragon” event, but like all the others before it, this event will only be around for a short time. Unlike previous cases, there’s no resin cost added. Still, you’re going to have to advance the latest story to ultimately unlock all the experiences and benefits of The Chalk Price and the Dragon event.
    The show itself will feature four acts, one of which will be made available on a fixed date. Act I opens on December 22, Act II on December 25, Act 3 on December 28, and Act IV on December 31.
    All operations will occur in the current Dragonspine zone, and only the zone-specific forces for the Festering Lust will function there. If the incident has ended, certain powers will be withdrawn.


    How to get Rime-Worn Fragments and Crystals

    How to farm Rime Worn Fragment and Crystal - Genshin Impact - YouTube

    The worn fragments of Rime and the worn crystals of Rime are the tools you need to complete the task of the Genshin Effect Chalk Prince and Dragon events.

    Only in the latest mountainous region of the game, Dragonspine, can they be farmed in the snowy area. You can destroy almost all enemies in every area of the Dragonspine region to develop Rime’s broken pieces. This makes them tricky since the blizzard can allow the ‘pure cold’ to build up quicker. Absolute cold is a new ambient impact in the game that can be affected by Dragon’s Back.

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    Where to get Rime-Worn Fragments and Crystals

    Where to get Rime-Worn Fragments and Crystals in Genshin Impact

    Rime—Worn Fragments are seasonal objects which expire at 4:00 PM EST on January 6, 2021. They are tiny crystals that come from the monster environments of the Dragonspine on some occasions. You can find them anywhere in Dragonspine by destroying just about every opponent, even simple hilichurls. Things drop next to the usual loot pool that the mob will drop.
    From the survey, it appears that the Rime-Worn Fragments are included in almost every mob’s loot pool from now until January 6. There are no special conditions, and you can find them anywhere on the mountain, including inside caves, killing slugs, giants, samachurls, hilichurls, and more.

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    Open your inventory and move to the Precious Things tab, which is the last top symbol. You’ll see how many bits and crystals you’ve got. Rime-Worn Crystals are a little harder to come by and appear to spill from the more giant creatures on the Dragonspine. Running around wiping out any form of a mob is expected to net you around 4 to 1 Fragment to Crystal ratio. In the end, you’re not going to have any shortage of these resources as long as you kill something.

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