Dream responds to allegations – All you need to know about the dream minecraft fiasco

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If you are into Minecraft (by the way who isn’t) you definitely know dream, the superstar of minecraft streamers on youtube .

If you haven’t been living under a rock, chances are you’ve already heard about the Minecraft and dream’s big cheating scandal, recently speed responded to these allegations and that too using a lot of maths and probability.

Read on to find out all you need to know about the latest developments.

Scandal !! Scandal !!

Just a year back if you searched youtube with the keyword dream you were sure to get some boring songs or maybe some ted videos on how to sleep well. But everything changed with the advent of the Minecraft speedrunner Dream.

For all those who don’t know Dream is a streamer on youtube who has become quite a minecraft personality. YouTube named him the number one breakout star of the year for gaining a million followers in a jiffy. He is also top two in the overall creators list on youtube. 

His videos are usually speedruns of minecraft. For those who don’t know what speedruns are, it is a sort of gameplay in which the players try to complete the game as quickly as possible. In case of dream he does this in minecraft with other players ,called hunters try to stop him.

Okay, so all this sounds very nice and shiny but.. there came a bummer .The official leaderboards for the speedruns are maintained by Speedrun.com. Earlier this month, Dream’s recent 1.16 speedrun submission was stripped off from the leaderboards.

Geosquare which is the official Minecraft speedrun moderator determined that dream cheated in this run.  On december 12 they posted a video which you can find below       

In the above video geosquare briefed about the complete investigation and also provided a 29 page pdf in the description that described the investigation in detail using a lot of maths and probability. 

All in all geosquare concluded that the random number generator,(which are used in video games to determine random events, like your chance at landing a critical hit or picking up a rare item.) in case of dream in that particular speed run had a 1 in 7.5 trillion chance of occurring.

This amount of luck with RNG was ruled out as not possible at all. Thus , it was concluded that Dream must have cheated by manipulating the RNG in his Minecraft speedrun.

Dream finally gives a proper reply

Dream did his homework properly before replying. He hired a professional statistician to look at all the data that the moderators have provided .After intensive research again with a lot of numbers and graphs, Dream came out with a 19 page report which you can find here.

In short the report says that the moderators report was mostly correct in how it assessed the improbable odds. However, the expert found “several issues and inaccuracies” with the report. It says that some bias corrections were incorrectly applied thus the probability of that particular speedrun is more like 1 in a million, rather than the 1 in 7.5 trillion that the moderators claimed.

Dream was quoted saying “he is not concerned about his leaderboard position and is more concerned about the perception of his character.”

So far no reply has been given from geosquare’s side.

We will keep you updated in case of any developments..



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