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There are more Secrets about Doom Eternal Nekravol updates. If you want to know about these incredible hidden secrets, then have a look at this article, Buddies!

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Doom Eternal

The genre of Doom Eternal is a First-person shooter game. The mode of Doom Eternal is both a single-player and multiplayer video games. Doom Eternal was Developed by id Software. And published by Bethesda Softworks. This game was released on 20th March 2020 for Windows, Xbox One, Stadia, and PS4. This game has been nominated in the Game awards for 2020, the Best action game, The Game of the year.

Doom Eternal Nekravol Secrets - Gamestanza

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Doom Eternal Nekravol Secrets

  • There are two secret locations in Nekravol secrets.

The first secret location is in Mill. The Player will move into the Soul factory. When you reach there, You will jump a gap to enter a battle arena. The player must remember the ledge where you jumped from. After you finish the battle arena, You will exit through the gap in the previous ledge. In that place will definitely see a passageway underneath. Jump down there to find the Secret Encounter location.

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  • The second location is in the passage of the dawned.

Doom Eternal Nekravol Secrets - Gamestanza

In the third section of Soul factory. You will definitely find the ledge to the Northwest of the room. To access that, you get on to the moving cages to see the glowing green skull. The player should reach the top to jump off the cage to the right and grab the climbing wall. After climbing the wall, jump over the ledge, and on the down, you can see a green skull. You can easily activate the glowing green skull.

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Hidden Album Location

There is only one Hidden album in the Nekravol Secrets. The name of the album is KEEN – You have got to eat your vegetables.

Doom Eternal Nekravol Secrets - Gamestanza

This album is also in the third section of Soul factory. Same as the player done in the Passage of the dawned. After the Player activates the glowing green skull, the player can hear a noise, but there will not be any changes. Then you can come out of the battle arena—the area with the falling spikes coming from the ceiling. There will be an open gate area where they will reveal the secret that hidden album KEEN – you have to eat your vegetables. You have successfully reached the Secret album location. Whooooooo!!!

So, there you go, guys. This is all the information that you need to know to find the Doom Eternal Nekravol Secrets. Visit their official website, Bethesda, to know more about these types of secret locations.

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