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Tower games always are fun, more so the vintage ones like the Defense Grid: The Awakening. Read on to find all you need to know about this classic defense strategy game.

Defense Grid -The Awakening

Defense Grid: The Awakening, A tower defense video game that all skill levels player can play. In this game the player has to stop a horde of enemies is invading. It’s up to the player what stratergies they uses for their building fortification and towers they use around their base. The gameplay and the controls is very deep are intuitive the properties of each tower work together and provide many special attacks and stratergical ways to succeed and Defend the cores.

Defense Grid – The Awakening 

Hidden Path Entertainment developed the game, it was one of the titles promoted by Microsoft during their Game Developers Conference keynote speech on February 20, 2008. The game was released on December 8, 2008, for Microsoft Windows. Subsequently, on September 2, 2009, it was released for Xbox 360, and finally, The OS X version was dropped on July 7, 2010.

At the time of its release, the game a received a positive reception from players and critics alike. The April 2009 issue of PC Gamer awarded Defense Grid a 90% and an Editor’s Choice badge, stating, “Defense Grid is such a charming and challenging experience that shouldn’t be missed by tower defense fans. Even if you’re not a fan, it may turn you into one.” Two years after its release New levels were provided as downloadable content.

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The Gameplay and Walkthrough

Defense Grid: The Awakening is a single-player strategy game. The story of the games goes on as, After a thousand years of peace, the aliens have attacked without warning.

Defense Grid -The Awakening

Survival of the planet depends upon activating the ancient Defense Grid. Under this pretext, The players are provided with a range of tower-based weaponry which they have to place strategically to defend their military base from hordes of incoming attacking aliens. 

The objective is to stop invading aliens from stealing the power cores of the grid. The player has to select the towers, placement, and timing to best protect the base. If the player can make it through the alien invasion and finish the mission with one or more cores remaining, a bronze medal is rewarded and other missions and modes are unlocked to play. To earn Gold and silver medals the players have to protect more cores and spend the least amount of resources possible to win.

At the end of each game session, a score is shown, which is calculated based on the number of remaining cores, the number of resources exhausted, and the ending value of the built towers. In addition to this the number of towers built and sold and the number of enemies killed is also shown.

There are ten different types of towers available-

  • Gun
  • Cannon
  • Inferno
  • Concussion
  • Meteor
  • Missile
  • Temporal
  • Tesla
  • Laser
  • Command

The different types of aliens that you have to face-

  • Drone
  • Swarmer
  • Walker
  • Rhino
  • Racer
  • Rumbler
  • Dart
  • Manta
  • Bulwark
  • Spire
  • Lurker
  • Decoy
  • Seeker
  • Turtle
  • Crasher
  • Juggernaut

So here you have it all. If you want a video walkthrough of Defense Grid -The Awakening you can check out this playlist

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