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Destiny 2 Tower secrets are the unique set of actions performed in the Tower area, which trigger fun-packed mini-games. You can perform them solo, with friends or with randoms. These are easy games that reward you extra speed and jump impulse but only for a short period of time and vanishes when you leave the Tower area.

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Destiny 2 - How to Spawn the Secret Traveler Ball | Shacknews

A Tower is a place reachable to all players located at the top of the Lost City’s defensive walls. It is the Headquarter of the Vanguard and also serves as the home of guardians. Now we are going to talk about some of the mini-games that are available to play.

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Destiny 2 Tower Secrets mini-game: The floor is lava

I hope we all have gone through this game at least once. The floor is Lava in real life. It is the same as the name suggests. Here’s how you can activate this while at the Tower.

Destiny 2 - The Floor is Lava Tower Secret | Shacknews

  • Once you arrive at the Tower, head to the side ramp, then head to the middle of the bridge.
  • There you will see something crate like that says, “Don’t Peak Me Up.”
  • Go ahead and pick it up, and it will start the “Floor is Lava” mini-game.

This causes you to turn red, and any part of the floor will kill you. You can jump 3 times before dying. You can only stand or jump on all the non-concrete floors like crates, plates, boxes, tanks, metal railing, gates, etc. You will see a beam of blue light. Ok, that’s your goal location. Jump through boxes, metal railings, and all that to reach there. If you die, you can play it again and again, but the destination may change. You will get slightly increased speed and jump impulse that you can use to proceed into a secret room.

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Mini Games: Tower Ball

Destiny 2 guide: How to get the giant ball in the Tower - Polygon

You have to kick four small balls in specific locations so that you can unlock the big ball. You have to kick every ball to their locations after the balls disappear, making space for other balls. The good news is that the balls spawn at the same location. You can also see fireworks when the ball reaches its goal. When you are done with all four balls, then you will be given the ultimate one, the big Tower Ball. The Tower Ball physics is slightly different from the smaller balls, and primarily you have to push it with your head while jumping, or you may kick it too. When you get to the big Tower Ball, you can freak out with other people and have fun, considering it’s a social place many people will be there to play.

For more detailed information on where to place all the small balls, you can watch the above video. There also some more secrets, but we are not discussing them in this article.

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