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Ninja Kiwi is an online mobile game developer founded by the brothers Chris and Stephen Harris. Ninja Kiwi, previously known as Kaiparasoft Ltd., was founded in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2006. Ninja kiwi develops different types of mobile games available on their official website, and some of the games are also available in the play store.

Now, let us see what this Ninja Kiwi is and what type of games this video game industry develops.

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About Ninja Kiwi

Ninja Kiwi - Gamestanza

Ninja Kiwi is an online mobile game developer which was founded by the brothers Chris and Stephen Harris. Ninja Kiwi’s first game was developed in Adobe Flash Platform, which was called the Clash Sprint. Today, they have developed dozens of new games for various platforms like Android, Adobe Flash, iOS, Nintendo, PlayStation Portable (PSP). Recently, they have started moving to the Steam platform as well. Some game titles are famous, and most people play those games around the world. Bloons and Bloons Tower Defense are among those famous titles.

Ninja Kiwi, later in 2012, won their first reward under the game title, SAS: Zombie Assault 3, which won the Flash Gaming Summit awards for the Best Shooter Game and Best Multiplayer Game. After one year, in 2013, another game, Bloons TD 5, was nominated for the Best Strategy Game and Best Cross-Platform Game in the Flash Gaming Summit.

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Some of their famous Games

Ninja Kiwi - Gamestanza

Many games became famous after their game titles, Bloons and Bloons Tower Defense, became famous. Some of their famous games are mentioned below. If you want to check out some of their games, you can always visit their official website and download some of the mentioned games.

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Bloons Games

  • Bloons (2007)
  • Bloons 2 (2010)
  • Bloons Insanity
  • Bloons 2 Xmas
  • Bloons 2 Spring
  • Bloons Junior
  • Bloons Player Packs (1-5)
  • Bloons Pop 3
  • Bloons TD
  • Bloons TD 2
  • Bloons TD 3
  • Bloons TD 4
  • Bloons TD 5 Steam
  • Bloons TD 6 (2018)
  • Bloons Adventure Time TD

Puzzle Games

  • Dungeon Run
  • Neon Maze
  • Lab Rat
  • Splashback
  • Stackle
  • Hotcorn
  • Helirocket
  • Straight Dice
  • Shinju
  • Little Farm
  • Zeba
  • Rings
  • Globs
  • Jellyman
  • We are all Birds

Action Games

  • SAS: Zombie Assault – 2009-2010
  • SAS 2: 2010-2011
  • SAS 2 Insane Asylum
  • SAS 3: 2011-2012
  • SAS 4: May 2014-Present
  • SAS 4 Steam
  • Red Storm
  • Red Storm 2
  • Hunt or Die
  • Ghost Puppy
  • Arcuz
  • Runaway Telly
  • Potion Panic
  • Megan The Frox
  • Snake Attack

Tower Defense Games

  • Battle Blocks
  • Battle Panic
  • Cursed Treasure
  • Monster Defense
  • Monster Town
  • SAS TD

Arcade Games

  • Hungry Sumo
  • Powerpool
  • Powerpool Frenzy
  • Power Pinball
  • Boombot
  • Bits and Pieces
  • Snail Story
  • Mulitball
  • Mad Karate Man
  • Wizard Smash
  • Slurmball
  • Rune Towers
  • Yoko
  • Heavy Weapons
  • Escape the Giant

Strategy Games

  • Tower Keepers
  • Tower Keeper Steam
  • BFTG
  • Castle Wars 2.5
  • Ghosts vs Zombies
  • Castle Wars 2

Apart from any other games that you feel are much better than this one, please comment down in the comment section. And this is all you need to know about the Kiwi Ninja.

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