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If you are wondering how to complete the Call of Duty: Zombies mission with easter eggs, then I am here to guide you with each Best 5 Easter Eggs in Call of Duty Zombies. All the 5 most unrevealed easter eggs are gonna be seen here.

So, here are the 5 Best Easter Eggs in Zombies.

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Easter Egg 1: Free Max Ammo | Best Easter Eggs

  • This Easter Egg of Zombie Chronicles version is available on Balck ops 3, not Balck ops 2. To get this, you need to build all the staff inside the game. Once the staff is built, then you go and get the zombie blood.
  • Then shoot the four wisps to get the staff and allocate them to the ground, and you will find the Samantha max doll.
  • Activate the Samantha max doll, and six dolls will appear and kill them, and then the Max Ammo will appear and grab it.

Easter Egg 2: Space Dog

  • This easter egg is found on the moon map on zombies that is Space Dog Easter Egg. To get this easter egg, you need to go the Area 51 with a wave gun, shoot your dog with a wave gun and bring him back to the moon area.
  • Once you got on the moon, then you have to go back to find the mystery boxes and kill the zombies. Then you will find the Space dog.

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Easter Egg 3: The Hidden music | Best Easter Eggs

  • From the first zombie map, hunt potent music became a small staple for the series on the map with the many songs.
  • Songs are of Eminem song,  Avengers theme song, and Alone song and many more. To hear this song, you need to find the tapes around you.

Easter Egg 4: Voyager Despair Perk

  • This easter egg is on map 9, which is a free perk easter egg. All you have to do is throw the rave fire grenades from the temple to the Viking boat.
  • Wait for a few rounds, and you get a free perk.

Easter Egg 5: The Blood Bath | Best Easter Eggs

  • This Easter Egg takes place on map 9  zombies, which is The Blood Bath easter egg.
  • To get this started, you need to go inside the Zeus Temple, and once you in there, make your way to the bathhouse; as soon as you get into that room, get kills.
  • Just constantly Kill all the zombies and enemies on the map until you kill 820 zombies inside the room.
  • As you have done, that will get the insane reward to get to the Bathhouse, and the name will change to Blood Bath.

There you have it. These are all the Best 5 Easter Eggs in Call of Duty Zombies. Start your game and enjoy finding these easter eggs.

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