Among Us Finally Reached 50 Billion Users In November

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About AmongUs

Among us: ‘Among us’ an online game developed by American game studio Innersloth in the year 2018 across many platforms. It was a multiplayer online game with 5-10 players and have to complete the tasks in-game.

Presently, ‘Among us’ have finally reached 50 billion users in November due to covid19 lockdown.  according to research done by ‘ super data’ Among us were highly played and downloadable games monthly.

Among Us Finally Reached 50 Billion Users In November

Even though the game wasn’t highly monetized and less earning among other games. among us have been attracted especially by many kids and many gamers across the globe.

Among the data available from ‘ sensor tower’ till November end among us was the most downloadable game globally across the globe. As the game got 53.2 million downloads which increased 50times profit as compared to the previous year November 2019.

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Among Us Hits 50 Billion Users

A report said that the PC version of the game(especially the $5 upfront price) have majority of revenue during August to November and without being affected only 3% of the total 500 million players using the PC version of the game.

Presently, Among us was available on mobile, pc, ios and it was recently launched on Nintendo switch. In order to grow the game on many platforms. Microsoft has also confirmed the game will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox series soon by 2021.

Among Us Finally Reached 50 Billion Users In November

A report said that digital games got $11.5 billion in November month itself a record in their monthly revenue.

Twitch is one of the world’s leading live streaming platforms for gamers players played an important role in the popularity of games Among us.

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