IGI 3 Release Date Confirmed – A good news for 2021! IGI Franchise to have a prequel finally : IGI 3

The article brings you breaking news on the IGI 3 Release Date confirmed. Read all the way through to know all the recent developments.

IGI 3 Release Date Confirmed

The 90s kids finally have a reason to rejoice as the game we grew up playing is finally getting a prequel after 17 long years. The critically acclaimed franchise IGI is set to have its first continuation since 2003. Toadman Interactive recently updated on their website that the new game will go public by late 2021. Although for now, it is still in an early development phase.

Picture Credits : Toadmaninteractive

IGI Origins: A Covert Ops Shooter

Being developed by Toadman Interactive with collaboration from its subsidiary Artplant, the game will follow a covert ops format. The format has been widely popular in multiple versions of call of duty for their campaign modes. Players will have to rely on their wit and sneaky capabilities and not just blast through every door that shows up locked.

igi 3 reelase date confirmed - Gamestanza

Not much has been revealed about the IGI 3 so far. From the teaser, we are expecting the storyline to follow a secret group of operatives. Who has continuously worked to dismantle shadow governments and keep the world in balance? The game is likely to be set in the cold war era by the looks of it. Players will most likely play a covert spy being targeted by terrorists and governments alike. At the same time, they attempt to save the world.

Covert OPS games have been popular among players due to their dark-themed scenarios that are often more challenging to your senses. From the teaser, we can expect the game to have a lot of night time which will be extremely fun and sensory.

IGI 3 : Original Team of Developers are back together

The CEO of Toadman, Robert Flodin, made a public statement stating that IGI 3 is in its prototyping stage and he is very psyched to be working on it with one of the original creators of the game. This can only suggest that he himself is involved. Which is good news for the fans of the first 2 versions of the game. We can expect to see familiar UIs and weapons as the original games. Likely, with some modernization to keep up with current times.

Here is a quick look at the teaser of the famous game:

Stay posted on Gamestanza for continuous updates of the game. It’s been a long time coming but I am sure we all can wait a tad bit more for a quality game. I am excited for IGI 3! Are you?

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