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About The Game:

Fortnite Gold Bars. Fortnite is a single and multiplayer online game developed by Epic Games. It was a wonderful game full of adventurous stunts and battles with monsters and the use of powerful weapons For Battles. In December 2020 Fortnite have launched Chapter 2, Season 5 With New Update And Changes In the Game In order To Give More Entertainment And Tasks To Players in-game.

Fortnite Season 5
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Fortnite Gold Bars : New Features In-Game

Fortnite has launched Chapter 2, Season 5 game with new features like changes In Map(Adding New Locations), New Weekly Challenges and hidden non-playable characters(NPC), Collect bounties and buy & Upgrade weapons.

Fortnite Season 5


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How to Complete Bounties and Earn Gold bars?

  • In order To Complete Bounty. First, you need to interact with NPC(non-playable characters) available in the game. You can find NPC character’s across various regions available on the map. And you will find a small speech bubble on the screen suggesting NPC Near You or location. You have to follow the speech bubble in order to reach NPC.
  • In Fortnite, Once You Reached The location you will find NPC. you need to start an interaction with him NPC And perform all tasks available including eliminating a player, scoring takedowns, knowing their point of interest, etc.
  • Sometimes, There May be a chance that NPC doesn’t offer bounties when we interact with the bounty at that time don’t get disappointed. You can find another NPC on Map. there will be many NPC available on your map at various locations. Speech bubbles will guide you to your near NPC character. Once you have received a bounty, you get an option on the menu to confirm That you will be able to complete the task or not.

How To Find an Enemy?

  • After You Accept The target(enemy) You will receive the enemy details that you have to eliminate, along with a picture. After you receive a bounty you will receive a yellow circle on your map giving you an idea or location of your target. So you can use that yellow circle to track the location of your target. When you find the target at that location if you eliminate him In time after successful elimination you will receive a reward and bounty completion notification after completing a bounty.
  • If another player eliminates your enemy before you. You will get a bounty poached notification. And you will receive a smaller gold bar reward even though the enemy was killed by another player. And if you are working through a quest it counts as one of your bounty is complete.
Fortnite Season 5
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Fortnite : How To Escape From Hunter?

  • In Fortnite, There Will Be a possibility in this game that a bounty will be placed on you as well. At that point, the game will notify you if there was any bounty on you.
  • You, Will, Have To eliminate your hunter or set a trap to kill your hunter or try to avoid the hunter for few minutes and you will no longer be a bounty target.


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