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    If you are a regular Destiny 2 player, a game by Bungie, you might think of getting the best weapons with the best boosts. One way of getting the best weapon is by buying it. The other way is by crafting it. Here’s how you can get the materials for making a gear or weapon boosted – Mod Components Destiny 2.

    What are Mods and Mod Components in Desitny 2?

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    Mod components are installed into a character’s gear or weapon to provide additional benefits to the players. Once a mod is collected, it is stored in the collection and slotted into any appropriate armor. Nothing is spent when a mod is installed, but removing a mod or swapping it with another mod requires Glimmers. Multiple mods can be installed into armor, only one on a weapon, but some do not support mods at all. All weapon mods are legendary, and Armor mods are common. There are four types of mods – Weapon, Armor, Themed, and Seasonal.


    Mod components are materials used to create these mods.

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    How to get Mod Components in Desitny 2?

    Through Farming/Dismantling:

    How to Farm Mod Components in Destiny 2
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    Firstly, players will need to clear their Energy weapon slot and find a rare energy weapon. Then fill their inventory with 9 copies of the same weapon, which will cost around 250 Glimmers and 3 Gunsmith materials. Then dismantling all nine will give players usually one(lucky ones do get two) Mod components. It’s a rather slow method and reliable for those who are desperate to get Mod Components.

    With help of Banshee-44:

    Destiny 2 Upgrade Modules, Ascendant Shards, and Enhancement Prisms guide - Polygon
    Credit: Polygon

    Players can complete bounties to get Mod components. A player can get four bounties on a daily reset basis from Banshee-44, which will reward you with at least two Mod components and one enhancement core per bounty. You can further buy mods from Banshee, which cost 10 Mod components. So it is best to do some bounties every day and stock some Mod components to buy Mods whenever they appear in his shop.

    So, there you have it. This is everything you need to know about mod components Destiny 2 and how to get different mods in Destiny 2.

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