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The creator and developer of Deltarune toby fox mention that Deltarune chapter 2 will be releasing soon. The game is likely to release before the end of 2020.

Deltarune Briefly explained

Deltarune is a role-playing game that was created by only one developer, Toby Fox. In this game, the player is a human player named kris. They live in a town inhabited by monsters. Kris and his classmate named Susie, fall into an unknown place named the Dark world, where they meet Raisei. Raisei informs kris and Susie that they are the heroes destined to save the world. And during their journey and quest to seal the duplicate dark fountain, they meet various beings calling themselves the “Darkners.”

Pin on DELTARUNE - Musics

Deltarune’s development began in 2012, and the combat system was the overhauled version of Undertale, which was also created by Toby Fox. Early Final Fantasy games inspired the combat system of these games. Deltarune was first released for Microsoft Windows and macOS on 31st October 2018. Later on February 28, 2019, later the game was released for Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4. Toby Fox planned a full release, but he did not announce the official release date.

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Deltarune chapter 2 release date?

Recently this year, Toby fox announced in a blog post that deltarune chapter 2 will be coming by the end of 2020, with a few warnings and no Official release dates. Deltarune surprised the role-play gamers in 2018 as it released without any official release dates and was also free to play. Now the fans are heartily waiting for the next chapter of the deltarune, which felt like the sequel of Undertal. As the game’s witty dialogue and assortment were similar to undertale.

People who are not familiar with undertale. 

deltarune chapter 2
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Undertale was released in 2015, and this game is also created by toby fox. After the release, this game just blew up the RPG genre with the gameplay and story. Unlike other RPG games, actively punish players engaging with enemies in combat. To get a happy ending in this game, you need to complete the game without killing anyone you meet on your journey. In terms of designs and gameplay, Deltarune is similar to the Undertale.

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Why is Deltarune Chapter 2 taking time?

As of now, Deltarune’s chapter 2 release date is getting closer. And according to Fox’s updated post, he says that he “we can complete this chapter, content-wise, before the end of the year (not accounting for translation, bug-testing, and porting).” And after that posts, it was spreading worldwide that fox has been dealing with some health issues, which made the development reasonably difficult.

It took some time for fox to state, but later, he posted that “he will be looking into physical therapy again and/or investigat[ing] surgery to repair my wrist.” Fox also thanked his team for helping him out during his difficult times.

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