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With the new weekly challenge of Scot monument photogrid challenge, Forza Horizon 4 is back with the new Backstage Passes. Now, the question is How to get Backstage Passes in Forza Horizon 4?

What is horizon backstage?

Horizon Backstage |
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In Forza Horizon 4, the Horizon backstage is a roster of exclusive cars available that can be redeemed by played using the passes. The Horizon Backstage was introduced with Update 28 on the 13th of October 2020. The cars selected for this offer are derived from the vote of the weekly community winners. You can access the Horizon backstage by Driving to its location behind the mainstage at the UK Horizon Festival.

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There are also other options; you can select it by selecting the “Horizon Backstage” under Autoshow at the Autoshow. You can also gain access from your home in Forza Horizon 4 or by selecting “Horizon Backstage” under the cars section on the pause menu.


Hennessey Velociraptor joins a pair of rapid GMCs in Forza Horizon 4's  Series 28 update
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While the Horizon Backstage is on, players will get a roster/ list of cars they can acquire with passes. Any car on the list can be redeemed with a pass, but you cannot redeem all the cars. It is limited to one car per backstage pass.

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How to get backstage passes in Forza Horizon 4?

Forza Horizon on Twitter: "Poll #1 is live. Jump over the Horizon Backstage  now and vote on which of these cars will be available backstage.… "

Horizon Backstages can be redeemed by completing milestones through the Festival playlist, and you can only redeem one with a single pass. You can always check the Horizon Backstage cars, but you need one backstage pass to redeem one car. If you have multiple passes, you can acquire various cars.

As the backstage passes have no expiry date, you can collect it as much as you can and store it for a long time if you think your favorite car will be on the next roster of cars.

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History of Backstage cars votes in Forza Horizon 4.

Series 29 (Autumn)Ford Mustang S5 vs. M-B GT 4 ’18
Series 29 (Summer)Quartz Regalia vs. BMW Z4 ’19BMW Z4 ’19
Series 28 (Spring)BMW M3-GTR vs. #25 Mustang RTR#25 Mustang RTR
Series 28 (Winter)Twin Mill vs. Bone ShakerTwin Mill
Series 28 (Autumn)Hudson Hornet vs. Plymouth FuryHudson Hornet
Series 28 (Summer)Pontiac GTO ’65 vs. M-B 280 SLPontiac GTO ’65
Series 27 (Oct 21, 2020)Prelude ’94 vs. Fairlady Z ’94Fairlady Z ’94
Series 27 (Oct 20, 2020)TVR Tuscan vs. Mosler MT900STVR Tuscan
Series 27 (Oct 19, 2020)DS 3 Racing ’11 vs. Honda Civic ’18Honda Civic ’18
Series 27 (Oct 18, 2020)Chevelle ’67 vs. Porsche 914/6Porsche 914/6
Series 27 (Oct 17, 2020)HW Mustang vs. Hoonigan RS200HW Mustang
Series 27 (Oct 16, 2020)Hoonicorn V2 vs. Hoonigan FiestaHoonicorn V2
Series 27 (Oct 15, 2020)911 GT3 RS ’19 vs. Ferrari 599XX EFerrari 599XX E
Series 27 (Oct 13, 2020)Update 28Lotus Elise Sport


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