Godlike Burger is Getting its NEXT RELEASE on April 21st, The PC VERSION!!

    On April 21st, Godlike Burger will be released on PC.

    Godlike Burger, which will be released on PC later this month by Daedalic Entertainment, will provide you the tastiest “meat” in the galaxy. You’ll be working in a fast-food shop in the centre of what is effectively a space trucker stop, providing meals to all types of travellers, human and otherwise, in this game created by Liquid Pug. Different aliens like different meals, and human flesh is considered a delicacy on some worlds.

    In this very dark comedy title, it’ll be up to you to keep the supply flowing and the business afloat. On April 21st, the game will be available on PC via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store, with a console version following later this year.

    You play as an eccentric chef whose most prized ingredients are his own alien clientele in Godlike Burger. In search of new ideas, he travels the cosmos in a floating space diner, attempting to cook the most delicious and odd burgers in the universe. Players must obtain additional ingredients (i.e., trick clients into falling into traps and then turning them into patties), operate their restaurant, and escape being detected.

    They strengthen their restaurant’s reputation and can afford to go to new planets by catering to their clients’ preferences for different kinds of alien meat, updating the kitchen, and expanding their repertory. The space police are always on the alert for the crazed culinarian with a bloody cleaver, so they should never linger in one spot for too long. Use a variety of hidden traps or the good old meat cleaver to murder your customers! After all, it’s their delectable meat that you’re using.

    Make the tastiest burgers and transform your run-down burger establishment into the world’s most famous eatery.

    Discover the secret of the ultimate burger by improving your kitchen and learning what each alien race enjoys.

    Explore the universe and its planets. There are various alien species to find, each with their own set of strengths and limitations. Make sure you don’t get caught! By playing and preparing properly, you can leave no witnesses and keep the police’s suspicions low.

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