Snapchat working new Selfie Drone?

XDA designers disclosed that Snapchat looks to be developing a selfie drone feature in the most recent Snapchat Beta release.

Really Snapchat working new Selfie Drone?

In 2017, according to Social Media Today Snapchat was undoubtedly interested in obtaining Zero Zero Robotics, a company that creates camcorders drones, which included a folding selfie-taking drone, to assist people to share their media platform’s outputs to another level.

The Zero Zero Hover dronewhich can capture a wide range of new forms of material and folds up to the size of a VHS tapeseems to be completely suited with Snap’s camera and immersion emphasis. Snapchat working new Selfie Drone?

Snapchat working new Selfie Drone?

According to Engadget, Zero Zero Robotics secured $20 million in capital from the company.

Notwithstanding the years of speculationaccording to Social Media TodaySnaps hasn’t ever remarked on allegations of its engagement with Zero Zero Roboticsand it’s not registered as a stockholderAs initially statedthougha collaboration in between 2 is possible.

XDAdesigners have just leaked some fresh back coding inside the Snapchat app and allude to a new feature called ‘Cheeri,’ that XDA feels would indicate a forthcoming Snap drone integration.

Drones Can Be Used in 3 Ways in the Future

Snapchat working new Selfie Drone?

1. A search and rescue mission

Drones are to be used more frequently than usual for quicker, greater, and affordable search-and-rescue missions. Despite leasing a chopper being pricey and unnecessary in all cases, the aerial view provides a considerably higher benefit in terms of gathering & interpreting data than data collected on the ground.

At far shorter rangesthose are all presently used in the detection of fire & cessationand also in sea rescueOnly one drawback of using drones in emergency situations is the quick flight periodwhereby many people find inconvenient.

2. Drone-Assisted Irrigation

Agriculture is in order to become the most important industry and economy for the survival of the planet.

It is estimated that drone-assisted liquid irrigation and dispersion is five times faster and more efficient than traditional methods and gear. Drones are rapidly becoming a vital tool in crop management, and as a result, there is still room for improvement and development in the future.

3. Package Deliveries

According to Drone Tech Planetmajor tech companies involved in logistics and shipping, such as AmazonAlphabetand othershave seen the opportunity to increase efficiencies for profitsuch as delivering products they are now working withas a result of the remarkable growth of drone technology.

The fact is thatin the futuremost activities and vocations that involve human interactionsuch as package deliverywill be replaced by technology and robotics.

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