Pokemon Legends Arceus: The Complete Map

Pokemon Legends Arceus: The Complete Map

Hey players, the wait is over! With the release of the Pokemon Legends Arceus, the map is also revealed. This time, the game’s makers have chosen the Hisui region. This region is divided into different areas. Go through this article to view the complete map for the Hisui region.

Pokemon Legends Arceus: The Complete Map

The Hisui Region

In the Hisui region, there are a total of seven areas. Among all, the seventh one is a secret area. Thus, the players will discover it later in the game.
1. The Jubilife Village
Pokemon Legends Arceus: The Complete Map
You will find out from the map that the Jubilife village is the main hub. This consists of several shops including clothier and general stores. Moreover, you will also get many missions, small tasks and will spend the majority of the time here. There is an interesting thing about this area. No matter where you want to go next, you always have to come to Jubilife village before going to the new region.

2. Obsidian Fieldlands

Pokemon Legends Arceus: The Complete Map

This is the very first area that you need to unlock. You will find a variety of Pokemon biomes in this large area.

3. Crimson Mirelands

Pokemon Legends Arceus: The Complete Map

In the Hisui region, the second area that you will unlock is the Crimson Mirelands. This area also consists of different Pokemon biomes.

4. Cobalt Coastlands

Pokemon Legends Arceus: The Complete Map

Cobalt Coastlands is the third area in the game that you will unlock. Since this area is based around the coastline, players can finally explore the water in the game. Besides this, there is a water mount named Basculegion. You need to unlock this as well.

5. Coronet Highlands

Pokemon Legends Arceus: The Complete Map

Next, you have to explore the fourth area which is the Coronet Highlands in the Hisui region. It is the heart of the region as it is situated at the center. Since the Coronet Highland has volcanic Mt. Coronet as its core, the type of Pokemon found there are similar to the area’s features.

6. Alabaster Icelands

Pokemon Legends Arceus: The Complete Map

Alabaster Iceland is the last area to get unlocked in the Hisui region. Here you will discover the ice-type Pokemon along with other cold-weather Pokémon.
So, the game is extremely fun with new things to learn about Pokemon. Each region has new features to explore. Therefore, take a chance to discover the whole region through the map.
For more such updates stay tuned with the gamestanza!


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