Battlefield 6 Reveal Trailer officially announced By EA

    Battlefield 6 Reveal Trailer officially announced By EA
    EA and DICE are working hard on Battlefield 6. It has been more than three years that the last installment of the shooter series was released. Though we expect the game this year, EA did not confirm the release. That is, not until yesterday!

    Battlefield 6 Reveal Trailer officially announced By EA

    Battlefield 6 Reveal Trailer officially announced By EA

    With the game being expected this year, Battlefield players are eager to know more about it. Battlefield 5 released back in 2018 and was not up to expectations for several players worldwide. EA is trying to make something innovative this time, and we can be a little patient if we can receive a good gift at the end.

    While Battlefield 6 is destined to release this year, EA had previously not revealed anything else. right until yesterday. Now, EA has given a faint light regarding the development of the game. The developers promise that the game will release later this year. They have provided a floating tentative release date, which is October to December 2021. They have not revealed anything further.

    As this is an official announcement, we can be sure that Battlefield 6 is releasing by the end of this year. Hopefully, EA and DICE will unveil the new game by June, which can give fans a chance to have a sneak peek at the upcoming title.

    About Battlefield

    Battlefield 6 Reveal Trailer officially announced By EA
    Battlefield V features multiplayer battles and contains various modes of gameplay, including a battle royale mode.


    Battlefield is a first-person shooter video game series developed by EA DICE. The first title arrived in 2002 as Battlefield 1942. The games feature multiplayer battles with players all around the globe. The series has numerous releases, with the latest being Battlefield V, which arrived in 2018.

    Players praise the concept and the gameplay, but different games are received differently. The last installment was a flop for EA, thought sold more than 7 million copies in 2018. The games have different modes of playing and feature short stories in every one of them. Also, there is a battle royale mode in Battlefield V that was quite impressive.

    It is only a matter of time before EA releases the new title of the series, and players are excited to see what changes they have in store for them. With the disappointment from their last game, they are surely trying something new and big.

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