Apple Music HiFi, its good ?

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Apple is bringing a new feature in Apple Music this year, and it is not a simple one. Named Apple Music HiFi, the new application is coming alongside the Airpods 3, which will give the listeners a whole new experience of music.

Apple Music HiFi

Apple Music HiFi
Apple’s Music HiFi will bring good news for music lovers with iOS 14.6 that will support the Dolby Atmos feature.


Apple is bringing a new feature for Apple Music. This is expected to have the debut in iOS version 14.6, and the list of supported devices will be released soon. Apple currently supports the HiFi audio codec ALAC, but with the introduction of Apple Music HiFi, the devices may now support the Dolby Atmos feature. This will definitely be a thing at par with the Android users, who already have Dolby Atmos in quite a number of devices.

New Features

With bringing the Dolby feature, Apple is also working on lossless sound, better sound output, and a Spotify partnership. Spotify HiFi will be priced higher than the standard subscription. The release date is not confirmed, but according to official news, it will not be available before the third quarter of the year. At the same time, Apple will bring its new Airpods 3.

Despite so many new features, the Apple Music HiFi subscription price is likely to remain the same, which is $9.99. This will be a relief for music lovers, but the requirement will be upgrading the devices to iOS 14.6, which is still in the BETA version and under development.

About Apple Music

Apple Music HiFi
Apple Music is used by millions of music lovers all over the world.


Apple Music is the heart and soul of playing music in Apple. The application runs on a subscription basis that charges monthly. The app is used to play music, watch videos and create and listen to playlists. Also, it features various online radio stations that run all day in 200 countries.

Apple Music was launched in 2015 and has since gained more than 60 million subscribers. The app has a six-month free trial period for new users. Google Play Music has a similar feature of streaming music online and allows users to listen to playlists for the premium version.

Apple Music frequently undergoes changes via updates, and the latest one was 7 months ago. With the new HiFi feature coming, it is about to receive a new look once again. Apple likes to keep its future projects a secret, so this is all we know right now.

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