Most Awaited Xbox Exclusives “Fable” and “Perfect Dark” May Not Come Anytime Soon!

One of the most anticipated and waited-for games we are waiting for, that Xbox has announced- Fable and Perfect Dark may take the next few years to come out as the games are in early development.

Many Years To Come

Though these games are announced, they are still going to take few next years to come in the state of getting released, but we think they should take their time as we don’t want to play an overhyped, rushed out game full of bugs (pointing to you cyberpunk!). We can wait, but we want a good game. Right?

Most Awaited Xbox Exclusives "Fable" and "Perfect Dark" May Not Come Anytime Soon!


Fable was announced back in July 2020, and is being developed by the team who has worked on Forza horizon series “Playground Games”, so they definitely are skilled considering the success of the Forza Horizon series.

With the teaser that we have for Fable right now, the studio definitely has a sense of humor for this game, and we can clearly look how beautiful the game looks – the sky, the surroundings, the fairy and the frog.

Fable, or Fable 4 that the fans have been calling it, is an action RPG and has been announced after 10 years of its last entry in the series “Fable 3” and we don’t know if it would be a sequel or reboot, but we can expect great things.

Perfect Dark

Just like Fable, Perfect Dark also announced after a very long time since it’s last entry, which was in 2005, so it’s an amazing thing that we are getting Perfect Dark game after all this time. And since it’s been developed by this new team filled with experienced and skilled developers “The Initiative“, we can relax and just wait for this perfection to come out.

Perfect dark is an FPS thriller game set in near-future dystopic world where we play as a secret agent named “Agent Dark“.

A Celebration For the OG Gamers

As soon as they were announced, the gamers who knew about their last entry couldn’t be happier to see these legendary games to make a comeback after literal decades. The reaction from some OG gamers was jaw-dropping.

It wasn’t just a teaser for them but a ray of happiness, And we could see how much they liked what they saw.

Most Awaited Xbox Exclusives "Fable" and "Perfect Dark" May Not Come Anytime Soon!

Last Words

As these exclusive Xbox titles may take a long time to come out, Xbox is looking for releasing third-party Xbox exclusive on their side. And as hear from sources, they are in talks with the legendary game director Hideo Kojima for a deal to release his next game as an Xbox exclusive.

Read more| Hideo Kojima’s Next Game Will be an Xbox Exclusive? Everything We Know!

Are you hyped for these games? Tell us in the games, we would love to know your thoughts. And as always,

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