Everything About Deep Silver’s New Title Chorus!

Deep Silver revealed another game named Chorus during the Inside Xbox event. The chorus is a next-generation title that plans to give off the brand’s latest Xbox Series X and PS5 support.

Release Date

The chorus has a release date, though, there’s simply no knowing when the game will proceed out in 2021. That could happen a few months after the uncovering of the next-gen consoles, or it could fall through the 2021 holiday period.


Take responsibility for Nara in the endeavor to destroy the evil religion that created her. Unlock destructive weapons and psyche-blowing powers further for the space-fighting gunman. Together with Forsaken, her undying starfighter, she visits old ruins, participates in the zero-g battle, and goes past the truth.

Everything About Deep Silver's New Title Chorus!

Redemption Journey

Guide Nara, a pilot experiencing her remembered past, and Forsaken. Their journey for salvation will bring them through the cosmos and behind the restrictions of presence as they battle to join the opposition movement against the Circle and its boss, the True Prophet, at all charges

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Explore beyond the void

Arrive at a mysterious new world, teeming with confusion, combining the scope and activity of adventure with the quick-moving action.

One Pilot, One Ship, One Arm Live

Get strong and distinct arms and fight developments. Learn the ship’s advanced floating technology and deadly mind-bending powers, including extra-tactile vision, teleportation, and telekinesis, to overcome enormous armies of enemies and bring down titanic warships. Link together your powers to become the preeminent living weapon.


  • A persuasive single-player game
  • Act as dual roles Nara and her conscious friend and starfighter, Forsaken, on a unique journey of recovery.
  • Experience quick, frenetic gameplay developing the spirit of exemplary space shooters
  • Fight to rally opposition movements against the Circle and its evil boss, the Great Prophet.
  • Face crowds of alien starfighters, titanic warships, and huge Voids
  • Recuperate, update and utilize ruinous weapons and strategies in zero-g dogfights.

Everything About Deep Silver's New Title Chorus!

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There’s no question that the designs for the game look great, and the space fight appears to be smooth. If the developer’s opinions about reduced load times are valid, it may point at smooth gameplay all through, which is unquestionably advantageous.

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