Master League Classic in Pokemon GO’s Season 7 – Here’s Everything You Need to Know : Pokemon GO

    This Season of Pokémon has been great so far, and with the Master League Classic running from March 29th, it’s time to forget about CP limits and fight using any Pokémon- from legendary to mythical to normal- in the most challenging, hard yet fun and fairway, thanks to the exclusion of candies XL.

    Master League Classic in Pokemon GO's Season 7 - Here's Everything You Need to Know : Pokemon GO

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    Pokemon Master League Classic

    Pokémon Go’s Battle league tournaments are no joke- they are hard and require skills, and as a result – this is what makes them more fun. Master league classic is the new add-on format of the leagues, which differs from the normal master leagues but is the highest competition level.

     Master League Classic vs. The Other Leagues

    Master League Classic in Pokemon GO's Season 7 - Here's Everything You Need to Know : Pokemon GO

    There are three leagues in Pokémon GO. First is the Great league, which has a CP (combat power) limit of 1500, so Pokémon higher than this CP can’t play in this league. Second is the Ultra league, which allows Pokémon up to 2500 power levels to participate, and there is the Master league where there is no limit to CP. The Pokémon levels can exceed 40 by using candy XL, a resource for players to hit Level 40.

    Now there’s a classic version of the master league as well, and the difference between it and the normal version is that in the classic version Pokémon who is powered up using candy XL are excluded, thus players over trainer level 40 cannot participate, which makes it more fun, fairer, more classic.

    Players obtain XL candies in raids after exceeding level 40, and with these candies, XL can push the limits of CP of their Pokémon. Powering up Pokémon like this can make players with strong Pokémon stronger, giving them an advantage over the new or less experienced players. This isn’t allowed in the classic version of the master league, making it fairer for all the players, making it more challenging but fun.

    For now, Ultra League is not coming, but Master League Classic, aside from and the Great League and Normal Master League, will launch from Monday, March 29, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. to Monday, April 5, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. PDT (GMT −7).

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    Best Pokémon for Master League Classic

    Most players want to have legendary or mythical Pokémon by their side in the battles with candies XL not allowed. These are the best Pokémon you can have for yourself, based on your preference. have made a beneficial table for the best Pokémon:

    Master League Classic in Pokemon GO's Season 7 - Here's Everything You Need to Know : Pokemon GO

    Let us know what is your favorite Pokémon down in the comments. We would love to talk! And thanks for reading! Please share this with others, and stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News. Thank you!

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