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Clash Royale brings in their new update for the players. The update is a notification to upgrade their cards. And this further helps them to advance their skills in the game. Although, the update is majorly about the magic items. Further, the concept applied here is the Blue king came across the items covered in magic. Furthermore, magic items help to upgrade the cards. In this article, we are going to have a look at Clash Royale Update 2021. So, kindly read this article till the end to know everything about it.

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Magic items | Clash Royale Update 2021

Clash Royale introduced magic items to upgrade their cards or advance the cards and chests in the game. However, there are five magic items in the update 2021. They are as follows:-

  1. Wild cards
  2. Book of cards
  3. Book of books
  4. Magic coin
  5. Chest key

Clash Royale Update 2021 - How to Get Magic Items in Clash Royale? : Mobile Games

Here is an overview of the above-mentioned magic item.

Wild cards

The wild card is specifically for the rarities cards in the game. It has the power to convert itself into any card form. But it is to be noted that they both have the same rarity. Also, there is no involvement of Wizard.

Book of cards | Clash Royale Update 2021

In general, the book of cards fills up all the cards which are remaining. Hence, upgrade the cards to the next level. Also, it looks like a King’s youth book filled with wild cards.

Book of books

An ultimate book that functions the same as of book of cards. Further, it can be used by any card rarity.

Magic coin | Clash Royale Update 2021

The best thing about the magic coin is it can instantly upgrade a card without affecting your gold. In other words, it provides you a free card update and can be used with any rarity.

Chest key

Although these are not much popular, you can instantly unlock any chest slots using a chest key.

How to get magic items?

Clash Royale Update 2021 - How to Get Magic Items in Clash Royale? : Mobile Games

One can find magic items in the following:-

  • Chests
  • Pass royale
  • Trophy road
  • Special challenges
  • Global tournament
  • The shop

Chests | Clash Royale Update 2021

In chests, one can only find wild cards as the magic items and no other items. Further, wild cards begin to unlock in chests from Arena 4+.

Pass royale

In pass royale, extra free rewards are magic items. Further, in Arena 7+, there are 100 common wild cards, 20 rare wild cards, 10 epic wild cards, 2 chest keys, and 1 book of cards. 

Moreover, in Arena 4-6, there are 50 common wild cards, 10 rare wild cards, 4 epic wild cards, and 1 book of cards.

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Trophy road | Clash Royale Update 2021

As such, there are no changes made in this. However, a change in the choice of players for cards is mentioned.

Special challenges

Stacks of wild cards and chest keys are most likely to appear in the rewards here.

The shop | Clash Royale Update 2021

Lastly, the shop will have the following magic items:-

  1. Stacks of wild cards
  2. Chest keys
  3. Magic coins
  4. The common book of cards
  5. Rare book of cards
  6. Epic book of cards
  7. Legendary book of cards
  8. Chests purchased from the shop may also have wild cards.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information you need to know about Clash Royale Update 2021. To get all the latest updates on Clash Royale, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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