Razer Finally Confirms to Launch the RGB Masks – What will be Different About these Masks? : Technology

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One of the most popular company’s in the gaming world, Razer, finally confirms to launch its RGB masks. Further, this project was named Project Hazel. Also, the face mask is packed with RGB lighting and voice protection features. However, the project was released in January this year. And now it seems like the company is all set to launch its Project Hazel in the markets. Check the complete article for more information.

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RGB Masks

The RGB face mask is a product of reusable N95 masks. Further, N 95 masks were titled as the safest masks against the Covid-19 virus. Therefore, the company begins their project, Hazel, to upgrade a level in the masks. The most interesting feature of this mask is they are transparent and have disc-type ventilators. Now, as the mask is transparent, others can see your facial expressions while talking to them.

Razer Finally Confirms to Launch the RGB Masks - What will be Different About these Masks? : Technology

Moreover, the company has launched the project in January this year. Also, the company has revealed the masks on the Consumer Electronics Show. Not only this, but the company had also participated in donating masks during the pandemic. And hence, they finally decided to build one on their own.

Furthermore, the company has upgraded the mask and claimed that the ventilation system provides 95% airborne particles. Also, the masks can release the heat we exhale. The exhalation of heat is the only reason that causes problems to the people who wear spectacles, as they would possibly be going through the fog on their specs while wearing a mask.

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How are these Masks Different from Others?

The foremost fact is the transparent shield of the mask. As mentioned above, the ventilators are also doing their work properly. Apart from transparency and ventilation, this mask has many more things. Likewise, this mask has an in-built microphone, which helps to amplify the voice of the users while they communicate.

In other words, this in-built microphone is known as Voice AMP technology as defined by the company. However, the patent of this technology is still pending. For enhancement of fashion in the mask, the company has added Chroma RGB lighting around the ventilator.

Razer Finally Confirms to Launch the RGB Masks - What will be Different About these Masks? : Technology

In addition to the above, the masks are waterproof and scratch-free. Hence, it makes it easier to use. If you have a problem wearing these masks, then you need not be worried. They will launch with adjustable ear loops. 

Now, till now, it will be quite clear to you all that these upgrades will definitely require a battery to run it. Hence, the mask will also be charging through a  case charger, making the mask much safer for its next use. The charger cases are lined with an ultra-violet interior. So the virus will not survive in that case.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information you need to know about Razer’s New RGB Facemasks. To get all the latest updates on Technology, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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