Festival of the lost Destiny 2 – Monster VS Dinosaurs : Destiny 2

In the month of October in year 2020, Bungie released a free event for all players. As a part of Destiny 2, an event named as Festival of the lost was available in the game for a limited period. Further, this event was with the theme‘Celebrate those we’ve lost’. Read the complete article to know more about this event.

Festival of the lost Destiny 2

Festival of the lost Destiny 2 - Monster VS Dinosaurs : Destiny 2

In general, Eva Levante has returned as a harbinger of this festival. During this event, the guardians indulge in their sweet tooth,  don irreverent masks and celebrate the memories that they have lost. The pyramid ship loom, Europa awaits and darkness came into motion. But as this event is for the lost one’s. Therefore, you have to visit the tower and don’t forget to bring some candies with you and remind yourself the purpose behind your fighting.

Furthermore, as this was an event, then definitely there would have been some activities and minor challenges. Likewise, the name of this activity was  secrets in the forest. In here, the spiders wants to bargain for your cooperation. Moreover, meet with them and make sure to have Cipher Decoders. Then race the clock within the dark corridors. In addition, to the above, you will receive  Festival masks. You can even get a chance to acquire Masquerader helmet.

A mini guide for this challenge

Conditions for the new players

The very first thing about this event was the time limitation. Although the event was free but was only  accessible between 6th October to 3r November.  Further, there were some conditions for the new players. The foremost requirement was to escape the Cosmodrome to unlock the tower. And the second condition was to achieve 770 power. After completing the aforesaid requirements, the players were needed to talk to Eva Levante for further procedure. After this, the new players will now have access to the haunted forest. 

The haunted forest

Festival of the lost Destiny 2 - Monster VS Dinosaurs : Destiny 2

Players must select the haunted forest node in the tower destination map. However, before launching this challenge, the player must choose between two different versions of haunted forest. The two versions are Haunted forest and Firewalled haunted forest. Now, here comes something tricky. When you enter into haunted forest, you only have fifteen minutes to clear branches, defeat terrors and collect both candy  and chocolate strange coins. After collecting all this you have to contact Eva for you rewards.

Cipher decoded and haunted forest caches

Festival of the lost Destiny 2 - Monster VS Dinosaurs : Destiny 2

Apart from rewards earned through a haunted forest quest, there are five optional caches to be unlocked. Further, these can only be unlocked  through Cipher decoders. Unfortunately, these codes are from the activities outside this event.

Rewards from Eva Levante

 - Monster VS Dinosaurs

After unlocking access to the haunted forest, players can have access to masks, bounties and other festival rewards from Eva. Further, masks and rewards can be bought through candy and chocolate strange coins. In festival bounties, players will get XP, bright dust, glimmer and chocolate strange coins. The aforesaid are not the end of rewards, you will get many more rewards through this event.

The article not only includes the overview of this event, but also give you information about rewards, ciphers and most importantly a guide for new players.

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