Ori Charity Raises $58000 for the Rainforest Trust – Everything you need to know : Ori and the blind Forest

If you’re Nintendo Switch user you must have heard of the Ori franchise consisting of Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The titles made quite a buzz when they were released. Well the games are the talk of the town once, though this time because of the philanthropy of it’s developers. Moon Studios, iam8bit and Skybound Games who are the developers and distributors of the franchise announced some months back that all their revenue from the franchise between 8th to 13th of December last year would be donated to the Rainforest trust, which is a non profit organizations who adopts and looks after several rainforest all over the world, thus preserving a lot of endangered flora and fauna. As it turns out the collection has been somewhere around 58000 dollars. Here is a complete account of what happened. Read on to find out what the rainforest trust is and what has it done…

Ori and The blind Forest

Ori Charity Raises $58000 for the Rainforest Trust - Everything you need to know : Ori and the blind Forest

Almost 32 years earlier, in 1988 a non profit company by the name World Parks Endowment was set up in new york. In 2006 the company made a tie up with another non profit company based in the United kingdom. The two companies were then known as the World land trust – US. 

Finally in 2013 at its twenty fifth anniversary the company renamed itself as the rainforest trust. The primarily aims at preserving the highly endangered flora and fauna in the tropical rainforests. 

The company adopts certain rainforests and looks after them and preserves all the flora and fauna inside it. It is estimated that the company has helped preserve at least 73,000 square kilometres of endangered forest land.

The company was started by Byron Swift who was the CEO of the company till 2012. He was succeededb by Paul Salaman and finally just last year James C. Deutsch was made the CEO.

ORI raises charity for the rainforest trust.

The three developers of the Ori games Moon Studios, iam8bit and Skybound Games announced that they would be donating all the revenue collected during 8th of December to 13th of december last year.

The act of philanthropy was highly appreciated everywhere. And many of the fans responded with enthusiasm, thus increasing the collected sum to a whooping $58000.

It has been estimated that this donation will help to preserve about twenty eight thousand acres of forest land and the species within. No doubt a little effort in the right direction goes a long way….

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