Facebook Launched Holi Themed Avatar Stickers to Celebrate Holi 2021 : Technology

    One of the acclaimed festivals, Holi, is around the corner. Although, this is a good opportunity for the social media platforms to celebrate it in virtual form. Therefore, Facebook had come up with Holi theme-based avatar stickers. Also, it is one of the most appreciated initiatives of the company. Get to know more information about the stickers and how one can use them.

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    Holi-themed avatar stickers.

    Recently, Facebook has updated its avatar stickers collection and added Holi theme-based stickers. Further, the stickers are available on the Facebook app and Facebook Messenger. Also, the stickers are live, which makes them more worthy of watching and sharing. Moreover, this initiative had been widely appreciated by Indians. More than four million people have made more than 6.6 million posts solely on this avatar sticker’s release. Further, the posts include only Indians. This is a huge response that has been recording by the company.

    Facebook Launched Holi Themed Avatar Stickers to Celebrate Holi 2021 : Technology

    Furthermore, this initiative’s main objective is to provide more ways to express oneself during the crucial festival times. The Holi of the year 2021 will be celebrated on  March 28 and the day afterward. Now, where you can find these stickers. Well, one can find the stickers in the comment composer box. And you have to click or tap on the smiley button. However, if you cannot find these live stickers, you must probably use the non-updated version. It is recommended for you to update your Facebook version. Also, you must boot the app for better performance.

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    How to use Holi-themed avatar stickers?

    The foremost thing for you is to create one new avatar for yourself by visiting comment composer. This is a must-step, and one cannot skip it. Further, by using the following steps, you would be able to use a Holi-themed avatar sticker.

    • First thing first, log in to your account in case you are not logged in.
    • Go to the comment composer and tab or click on the smiley, which you usually use for stickers.
    • Proceed to the sticker tab and tab or click on create your avatar
    • in case you are unable to do. You can find the option of creating an avatar in the notifications box of Facebook
    • Then create your avatar as per your preference, and you will be able to access the Holi themes avatar stickers.

    So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Facebook’s New Holi Themed Avatar Stickers. To get all the latest updates on Technology, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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