GitHub’s mobile app now supports browsing and Downloading releases : Technology

GitHub Inc. is a code hosting platform for software development, and it is also available in the form of an app. It successfully provides various benefits to its users which otherwise makes it a popular one. Also, the company had made some major changes in browsing and downloading feature to simply ease the work for users. Check the complete information here.

GitHub’s mobile app new changes

The GitHub company made an official announcement of an addition of this feature. However, this change is  made to support browsing and downloading in the mobile app. Also, the company use their official Twitter account for announcing the said news. Further, they said, GitHub for mobile now supports GitHub Releases! We have made it easy for you to browse release notes and download release assets on your mobile device no matter where you are! Download for iOS or android.” Furthermore, they end the tweet by adding a link to download  this feature i.e.

Now, for those you are new to the terms like GitHub releases and download release assets. Here, is an overview of both the terms to ease your understanding.

GitHub releases

In general, it is a way of the corporation to provide the software packages to their users. Also, they provide links to binary files through the releases.

Download release assets

They are part of the GitHub releases which presents a complete project history to the users. You can see it in the image below.

GitHub's mobile app now supports browsing and Downloading releases : Technology

A glance in new changes

In addition to the above, the users now have access to the GitHub releases, and it is available for both android and iOS users. Further, GitHub releases is a part of repository which can now be browsed and downloaded by the users. However, for the addition of this feature, users need to update their app to 1.4.14 version from the Google Play Store.

GitHub's mobile app now supports browsing and Downloading releases : Technology

After upgrading the app, the users have access to the project hosted on the app. Moreover, when you visit the homepage of the app, you will find a new Release tab there. Through this, you can have the quickest access to the latest app releases.

Unfortunately, there is no certainty on how long this app will be available on the Google Play Store. As, Google won’t allow invading its own rules i.e. an app registered on Google Play Store, cannot give access to other apps through it, to its users.

Likewise, other than browsing and downloading, the app also provides approve and reject deployment approval requests from notifications. It also added new markdown bar shortcuts for adding quotes and tasks lists.

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