What Is VDM In GTA 5 Roleplaying? : Grand Theft Auto V

The Roleplaying aspect of GTA 5 sounds like a ton of fun for a player who wants to experience GTA 5 in a more controlled and real-life way. Rules and regulations ranging from stopping a player ramming into others with a car to blowing someone’s head off by a grenade.

We come across many terms when we dive into the world of GTA RP, and one of those terms is VDM. For RP in GTA, everyone should know these terms.

So, the question arises: What are VDM and other terms? We’ll fill you in.

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Roleplaying IN GTA

What Is VDM In GTA 5 Roleplaying? : Grand Theft Auto V

Roleplaying has been in existence for a long time, but Roleplaying in GTA started around GTA 4. DOJRP being one of the bigger and first servers at the time.

What Is VDM In GTA 5 Roleplaying? : Grand Theft Auto V

Roleplaying in GTA slowly grew and now has become very popular thanks to the hard and consistent work the modding community does, having very active and big servers.

According to an article from sportskeeda, the most popular GTA server is NoPixel, which is also one of the reasons why GTA RP is getting more popular. No pixel 3.0 is the most recent version, while 4.0 is in the making.

What Is VDM In GTA 5 Roleplaying? : Grand Theft Auto V

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The rules and regulation

As GTA RP is based more on realism, not just in graphics but also in gameplay, rules are also based. There are scripts to stop people from doing certain things that are considered illegal: Assault, racism, etc. And there are special terms for the punishable act as well.


What Is VDM In GTA 5 Roleplaying? : Grand Theft Auto V

VDM stands for Vehicle Death Match and is considered a punishable offense in GTA RP.  As we know, things are tried to be closer to reality, so something as small as intentionally hitting someone with a vehicle for no reason can be a punishable act, just like in real life.

So VDM, in short, is an offense when some player hits another player for no reason and decides to go out of the realm of roleplay.

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Other Terms Related to GTA RP


Just Like VDM, there’s also a term called “RDM.” It’s basically like VDM but with no cars. So, if anyone hits any other player for no roleplaying reason, or we can say, for no reason at all – this is RDM.


It’s when you know the consequences of what will happen in the roleplay based on something that’s out of RP. So knowing the consequence, you can change the course of roleplay.


This is the term when a player stops the RP or does something that can’t be considered realistic as relative to what the RP is based on.


It’s when you are afraid to die, so you stop the roleplay.

Last Words

There might be some other terms, but knowing these terms can also help you get started with GTA RP.

So are you interested in GTA RP? Tell us down in the comments! And thanks a lot for reading our post. Please share this with others, and stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News. Thank you!

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