Battlefield 6 Release Date – Leaks, Updates and Much More : Battlefield 6

Battlefield 6, which is a sequel to the 2018 Battlefield 5, is about to be released. Battlefield 6 is currently in the development phase, and it is expected to be unveiled in late 2021. There are lots of speculations, rumors, and leaks about the game. Let’s see about Battlefield 6 release date, trailer, and all the details about it here.

The battlefield is the first-person shooter video game available for Microsoft Windows and OSX. This game is developed by EA Dice and published by Electronic Arts. The whole franchise centers on large maps, teamwork, and vehicle warfare. It is an online multiplayer game for PC. Battlefield 6 is the next sequel of this Battlefield franchise. Battlefield 5 didn’t go well, so EA is toiling to get this Battlefield 6 right.

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Battlefield 6 Release Date

On the earning call during November 2020, EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated that the game would be released in the Holiday season of 2021, and more details about the game will be revealed during the Spring of 2021. That is, the game is going to be live during this year, November or December. There is no particular date announced for the release, so we have to wait until the end of the year. 

Battlefield 6 Release Date - Leaks, Updates and Much More : Battlefield 6

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There is no official Battlefield 6 trailer from EA’s side yet. But during the EA play 2020, we got a brief video that informed us nothing much that the game is in the development phase. From the video’s brief gist, we could see the soldiers in a beach-like area, and the animations are more realistic with colored and textured faces.

Battlefield 6 Platforms

EA announced, “full advantage of the power of next-generation platforms to bring massive and immersive battles to life.” That means Battlefield 6 is going to be in next-generation consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X. The game is being designed by having new hardware in mind. So we can expect a furious game from EA. The price of this game is about €50€60. There is no cross-play available in-game that you can’t play together with players from different consoles.

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Unclear settings

The settings of the game are still unclear now. There is some news that it is going to have modern settings. Previous Battlefield settings are mostly based on World War 2 and World War 1. So this Battlefield 6 may set soon or in science fiction settings.

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Speculations | Battlefield 6 Release Date

Tom Henderson’s Twitter account got suspended as he leaked some information about Battlefield 6. DANYonPC, a YouTuber, has also revealed some speculations. Let’s see those here.

  • Big maps containing 128 players
  • A soft reboot of Battlefield 3
  • The setting will be Kazakhstan or Vietnam
  • Also available in PS4 and Xbox one
  • Battle Royale with 64v64 game modes.

These are the speculations about Battlefield 6. We don’t know whether these speculations are correct or not. Let’s wait and see.

Battlefield 6 Release Date - Leaks, Updates and Much More : Battlefield 6

To sum up, to witness the new Battlefield 6, we have to wait for a while, as spring 2021 will unveil the appropriate details.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Battlefield 6 Release DateTo get all the latest updates on Battlefield 6stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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