100t VS Geng Valorant – Valorant Tournament Challenge : Valorant

    100 Thieves got the success over Geng in the lower section of Valorant Champions Tour in the wake of going down 10-2 on Ascent.

    Geng and 100 Thieves qualified for the VCT Masters occasion not long from now with their successes over NRG Esports and TSM yesterday. They are currently playing against each other for an opportunity to go head to head against Luminosity in the lower section last. Whoever loses this match will be out of the competition and should stand by until Masters play once more.

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    TSM yesterday dominated their match to secure their place in the 100 Masters but lost in the first half of their match vs. Geng. Ascent is a map known to 100 thieves, but it was Geng’s map, to begin with, the best of the three. Geng came out swinging, destroying 100 thieves at every turn and going 10–2 up at half on defense. However, the thieves were not going to carry the lying climb and soon returned.

    “Ethan” Arnold came in grasp during the initial gun round, getting two on the round for 100 Thieves. They proceeded with their force into the second round of the subsequent half and moving the scoreline to 10-4. Geng replied in the primary purchase round, carrying them inside two rounds to succeed over the Thieves. Presently with a scoreline of 11-5, it was sinking or swim time for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive veterans on 100 Thieves.

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    100 Thieves Defeat Geng, Force Fourfold Overtime

    Both youthful weapons on 100 Thieves, Ethan and Peter “Asuna” Mazurek, had the option to keep going under control, bringing the scoreline to 11-8. Having played all together five for more, Geng wasn’t going to allow the rebound to occur. They crushed 100 Thieves in round 20 of the match and brought themselves inside one round of the success.

    It looked desperate for the First Strike Champions. However, they figured out how to pull off the incomprehensible. With astounding plays from Josh “Steel” Nissan, Nick “Nitr0” Cannella, and Spencer “Hiko Martin, 100 Thieves brought things into extra time.

    100t VS Geng Valorant - Valorant Tournament Challenge : Valorant

    However, Geng had finally allowed their adversaries to return from a 10-2 shortfall but was as yet sure about their ability to win. They reacted with the principal protective win of the main additional time, bringing them again on match point. 100 Thieves exchanged them back, returning to-back counterparts for the lead. The two groups battled like there’s no tomorrow to wrap the arrangement up. However, the additional time proceeded. At long last, after fourfold additional time, 100 Thieves pulled out the success 17-15 against Geng.

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