World of Warcraft Airborne Defense Force – Defense Force Quest : World of Warcraft

Airborne Defence Force is one of the quest in pet battle in the 2020 shawdoland expansion of the game called World of Warcraft. Let’s see how to get win in this quest.

World of Warcraft (WOW) is the massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Blizzard Entertainment in the year of 2004. World of Warcraft sets in the fantasy universe called the world of Azeroth. It makes the player to create a Avatar in the open game world. Players who explores landscape, fights various monsters, completes quest and interact with the non player characters in the Players versus player mode either in 1st person or 3rd person point of view.  Showlands is the 2020 expansion of this game, in which Blizzard Entertainment have added lot more new activities and quests which makes the player to be engaged with the game.

Pet Battle

World of Warcraft Airborne Defense Force - Defense Force Quest : World of Warcraft

In the expansion Shadowlands, pet battle is the new type of turn based mini game which happens within in the World of Warcraft. It helps to raise the companion level of the players up to twenty five by capturing wild pets. You can calculate the battle stats which means the worth of any pets who come accross in the game by checking the Battle Info tab.  Pet Battle consists of lot of non player characters and wild pets in it.

World of Warcraft Airborne Defense Force

Airborne defense force is the pet battle quest, that the players can find in the Ardenweald area which is the part of Showlands in World of Warcraft. The players need level 60 to take out this quest. This quest is not sharable. Players have to beat Faryl, hostile and humanoid non player character which players can found in Ardenweald.

How to beat Faryl ?

World of Warcraft Airborne Defense Force - Defense Force Quest : World of Warcraft

Faryl is the non player characters who is humanoid type character. Players need level 50 to 60 to beat him. He was added in patch His health point is about 146,304. After knocking him out, players will win the airborne defence force pet battle quest.


If players finish this airborne defence force, they will get experience points (XP) of about 9,450. In addition to this players also get reputation of 125 with the wild hunt.

Long story short, the airborne defence force is the pet battle quest that happens in Ardenweald, in which players have to beat Frayl. Make sure to finish this pet battle to gain more experience points in the game.

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