Apple’s New iPad Pro Leaks before the Launch Event! : Technololgy

Apple is having a launch event soon, and guess what- you can expect new iPads to be announced, with some incredible upgrades. But how much is it different from their predecessor? With reliable sources, we have got the leaks for iPad Pro.

From a new A14x chip to a better camera to a new-age display, It’s time for us to tell you about everything leaked.

Apple's New iPad Pro Leaks before the Launch Event! : Technololgy

The leaks| What We Know

Though the event was going to occur on March 23, according to a leaker, Jon Prosser, the event will be in April. But the leaks about the iPad Pro are not changed, so kudos to the leakers.

From reliable sources, It can be said that the event will not just be launching the iPad but also the long-awaited Air Tags, New generation Pencil, and can have the other line up of iPads – Air and Mini as well.

It’s not confirmed whether iPad Mini and iPad Air will launch or not, but chances are high, and our fingers are crossed!

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Apple iPad Pro 2021 | What’s New?

Apple's New iPad Pro Leaks before the Launch Event! : Technololgy

With iPad 11 nailing the look and design to its perfection already, not much will be changed in the iPad Pro, But its other line up- Mini and Air might see significant changes in the look -making them look closer to Pro.

With that said, I pad pro will look more polished and is going to get some major hardware upgrades, and the fans can’t wait for it. Faster chip, better cameras, more features-  you can expect it all.

More Bright with Mini LED display

According to MacRumors, the iPad will have a Mini-LED display, which offers much more brightness than the current-gen preferred OLED display. Though Compare to OLED, it will have less contrast, but as it’s more cost-effective and delivers more brightness, Apple is adopting this technology.

And to deliver more smoothness, the display will come with a 120 Hz Display- giving an overall amazing and better experience than before. They will reportedly come in 11- and 12.9-inch display sizes.

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Thunderbolt- Speed Boost!

Sources revealed that the new Apple iPad Pro would have thunderbolt support, making the speed of external connections like monitors, storage devices, etc., reach the sky.

2x Speed With the new A14x Chip

From multiple sources, it has been rumored that the new iPads will have M1 caliber chips named A14x. What’s M1? M1 is the chips used in the MacBook Lineup, and you can expect more than 2 times the speed of last-gen A12x Chips.

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Better Cameras, Capture Better Shot

This should be a no-brainer, as Apple always improves its cameras. The selfie camera will be stronger and come with an inside bezel, and the more strong rear camera will have a Lidar sensor.

High, 5G

We can’t forget this! According to a reliable Apple leaker L0vetodream, the iPad can come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X55 5G modem, with the advantage of both sub-6GHz 5G and the faster mm-Wave 5. G, making Apple the first company to release tablets with 5G!

Apart from this, you can expect 6 GB ram and New iOS 14 in the new iPads line up. Not bad, eh.

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Though the event has been delayed, or was it never intended to be in March, it seems like we can expect to see much more powerful iPads – whether Pro, Air, or the Mini in 2021. The prices have not been leaked, but needless to say, they’ll be high.

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